From refugee to Uber chief technology officer the story of an Asian survivor

[editor’s note] the legendary investor George · Soros is Jewish refugees, MSCI CEO Henry. Fernandez is the Nicaragua refugees, the late former Intel CEO Andy · grove is the Jewish refugees…… Salute to the miracle worker. From ostrich FM, the original text.   opened a story behind the Asian faces, and touched a strange history…… […]

Ali nail founder Chen Hang internal letter no social genes Do not socialize

September 12th afternoon news, Sina today learned exclusively, Ali nail founder Chen Hang (no action) issued an internal letter to the staff in front of an important product for iteration, "Ali is not suitable for social networking" and "nail no social gene" to explain and respond to external evaluation. Chen Hang said Ali nails experienced […]

Fu Sheng why do you choose to go to Guangzhou Shenzhen

Abstract: see the know a question "why many young people are willing to work hard to go north of Guangzhou Shenzhen, even after unusually hard, away from their loved ones, still hesitate?", 13 years time I also had "why am I going to stay in Beijing?" have similar questions, and my friends excerpt the point […]

Li Xiang third venture capital and the establishment of a home for more than 10 months of financing

Abstract: since its inception in July 2015, 10 months, the total financing of the car and home has more than 2 billion 500 million yuan, valued at $3 billion. Compared with previous entrepreneurial experience, Li Xiang’s third venture to get a greater capital potential. future, Wei, harmonious, excellent, intelligent car Futeng LETV car, car and […]

Brand beauty salon to join which good

brand beauty salon to join which good? at present, many people are more open beauty salons and the development trend in the future, so now more and more people start to talk about entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is not an easy task, especially for newly graduated students entrepreneurship, no social experience, in the choice of the venture […]

From Papi sauce to Faceu why content marketing will be so fire

In case of from 2000 ad Papi sauce to AIKE for countless endorsements, from financing billions of dollars into the billions of years to his uncle, WeChat rice cake mother, from the explosion of the Faceu to the top of the snake, the existing pattern of mobile Internet competition, content and distribution of more and […]