Xining City West District to help 12 thousand people have a difficult year

to make the city difficult people can live a happy, stable and peaceful holiday, the west district government has on the object, the urban and rural beneficiaries paid various living subsidies totaling 6 million 700 thousand yuan, more than 12000 people involved in rescue. January 22nd, reporters from the West District 2014 "two" warmth condolences […]

Fire safety committee plenary meeting of the summer and fire inspection work will be held

7 20, the provincial government held a plenary meeting of the fire safety committee of the province and the summer fire inspection work to promote. The meeting made clear the work and responsibilities of the fire safety committee, informed the first half of the province’s fire and summer fire inspection work, the deployment of the […]

Drama liberation! Liberation! October 9th, 10 staged

Before the National Day holiday, the newspaper jointly launched the Qinghai Grand Theatre Huimin activities, the extraction of 200 lucky readers free to watch the revolutionary history of the great drama liberation! Liberation! ". Up to now, the enrollment is full, please apply for the success of the reader at 10 on October 8th, to […]

Datong County, the next three days there will be heavy rain

In August 11th, the author learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, three counties in the next three days the city’s four district will once again usher in the precipitation process, the surrounding residents and other places should pay attention to the protection, prevent the river rising casualties and economic losses.

In 2015, the overall economic operation of Xining

In 2015, the city of Xining in the face of the grim situation of continued downward pressure on the economy, increase the difficulty of reform and development contradiction growing, the strong leadership of the provincial government, the initiative to adapt to the new economic norm, firmly grasp the initiative, the city’s economy is generally stable, […]

College entrance examination students should be published hard conditions

February 17th, the provincial admissions forwarded notice of the Ministry of education teaching secretary in 2014 1 document "on 2014 the ordinary higher school recruit students walked to work" (referred to as the "notice"), announced the general college entrance admission qualification this year. pointed out that the "notice", with one of the following conditions of […]