To the Internet entrepreneurs Third – how to promote, valuation, financing

editor’s note: the author Steve Andriole is a professor of business technology at Villanove University, teaching strategic technology, innovation and entrepreneurship courses. He has done a lot of research in technology management, social media, analytics, cloud computing and technology adoption. He is also the author / collaborator / editor of the 33 book, which covers […]

New opportunities for live food chain

Abstract: live let hot entrepreneurs, investors flocking to bring new opportunities for different industries, many people get new revenue opportunities in this chain.   June, held a new conference in Hainan Boao an automobile manufacturer invited a dozen anchor scene, so the conference site can be seen everywhere a delicate makeup, good-looking girl with a […]

Zhongguancun Venture Street this winter is not too cold

entrepreneurial weathervane, entrepreneurial holy land, entrepreneurial dream gathering place, these are Beijing Zhongguancun Venture Street (hereinafter referred to as venture Street) has been given a label. 3W, vice president of the group 3W space CEO Wang Feiqin told the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, there are various groups and organizations gathered in the business […]

From the data to see the real car market two years was born only 9 to the D wheel

The potential for the development of the automotive aftermarket is visible to everyone. Issued jointly China Chain Management Association and investment "in 2015 Chinese Kwai Ching automobile market chain management research report" shows that in 2015 China car market reached 800 billion yuan, an increase of 33%. Market size is expected in 2018 is expected […]

You have to know the 6 after the entrepreneur of the 95 after the entrepreneurial era has come

familiar 90 entrepreneurs may have many, Yu Jiawen super curriculum, barberry hall Zhang Tianyi, Ma Jiajia, not global SegmentFault community, said Wen Chenghui, Gao Yang gift fast comics with me, Sun Yuchen, Chen Anni sang Yoon sang. In this Internet entrepreneurship craze, 90 entrepreneurs is pocketed the people’s attention. But we are familiar with the […]

How to open shop shop need to pay in Taobao

Taobao shop to do real comparable to the entrance you freaked out ? see Taobao on a Business Flourishes shop, if you have the heart moving? Heard people’s occupation shop owner, and he also hung free occupation title, is not to feel inferior? Said Taobao shop to do real comparable to the college entrance examination, […]

When the law on how to sell adorable Faceu topped the throne

March 18th, Faceu announced the acquisition of tens of millions of dollars in B round of investment, investment in this round of investment led by the United States, the speed of sound vibration with the vote. Previously, the Faceu team has access to IDG capital angel investment and the speed of light vibration A round […]

Online education into a hot business losses have become the norm

now, sweeping the financial, catering, shopping, health care, tourism and other traditional industries of the Internet, the war spread to the traditional education. Chinese online education market size is growing at an annual rate of more than 30% BAT, and entrepreneurial companies are here to get together grappling, who do not want to miss the […]