Courier companies to the winter

with the rapid development of e-commerce, the development speed of the logistics industry is also very alarming, but recently many courier companies have encountered the bottleneck of the development of express industry market evaluation, there is a feeling of winter.

and sto SF opponent also seems to be an unlucky year. Over the past few days, the lake is rumored to be internal speculation. SF internal staff revealed that SF headquarters opened a large number of layoffs, said a few days ago, President Wang Wei Ren Shunfeng personally BG SF express, this is not only the supply chain, commercial, warehouse distribution, international division after fifth layoffs.

There are

and SF "business evaluation system, not eliminated at the end of" early to late, not to wait for nearly a year when it came to. This has to be suspected, it seems to make up for their own strategic errors. In other words, not at this point through the elimination of the end of the elimination of a group of people, they may be very tired.

for the winter?

in December 27, 2015, with the national business conference data show that in 2015 retail sales network recommended

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