The arrival of the era of artificial intelligence in the catering industry

Xiaobian I heard some time ago a new term called AI, which is the meaning of artificial intelligence. The arrival of the era of artificial intelligence has been manifested in all aspects of our lives. The most obvious is the mobile phone, mobile phone has become an indispensable part of our lives. The arrival of the era of artificial intelligence in the restaurant industry is the symbol of the emergence of robot restaurant.

robot, robot, robot, robot…… With the rapid development of science and technology, intelligent, efficient and convenient for the theme of the robot restaurant has been all over the China’s Ji’nan, Harbin City, Changsha etc, become a new star in a new era of rising food and beverage industry. Imagine, when you step into an elegant restaurant, all appear at the moment is the uniform of the robot, from the smiling greeters, to free interactive meal, and then to the friendly and courteous staff room, even the kitchen cooking chef is all robot service, it will be some kind of unbelievable experience


smart room service lies in the light induced orbit

if there is a chance to robot restaurant, you will find a room, found odd robot has actually been laid along the ground track slowly. Because of the sensitivity of these tracks and the tiles are different, so the robot can effectively identify these subtle differences in the operation, and has been running along the track. Need room service staff, as long as the dishes into the tray on the robot, the table and confirm the information through the remote control device input dishes, the robot will move along the rail to the corresponding table, voice prompt customers to pick up. Of course, how to correctly identify the intersection of the track, how to avoid collisions with other robots, you need a higher program settings.

stay adorable cute both marketing and service functions

at present, many restaurants have successively introduced the scientific intelligent robot waiter, some of them are adorable cute, some very pretty and charming, attracted many admiring friends. We must not think that they are only cold manufacturing products manufacturing enterprises, in the continuous increase in labor costs today, these robots are simple, convenient and efficient, can effectively reduce labor costs. Of course, compared with the cost savings, the maximum value of the robot attendant is still in its marketing function. In the booming of new things today, which customers will refuse a smart innovation dining experience?

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