A penny reading club through reputation

in this one everyone business is to make money in, but still have a part of people, entrepreneurship is not only for profit, perhaps because of a kind of enjoyment, perhaps because the concept of a service, which has brought more new business ideas. For example, the hero of this article Zuo Guodong opened a penny reading club!

scholarly butterfly. The man left the "penny reading club" in a remote place open city Xilin Yi Shan Street, the store has more than and 60 square meters, every day to visit them in a continuous line, especially the holidays, now has a membership of more than 3 thousand people. A member of the 1 years to pay 33 yuan as long as the euro, can borrow books in reading books; and do a ABC membership card, 1 years to pay 56 yuan, also allows family members to share.

fit into society, only need to pay 1 yuan tea water, can day stay in the reading club. "A penny book club" to meet the people "spend the least money to read the best books," the desire to be widely welcomed. At present, his reading club from the city has spread into the countryside, set up six branch in the town, Wuyi Star Village, Mei Hing, etc., in Wuyishan City, the first in the school gate even opened three small branch, total amount of books to 30 thousand copies.

"friends, to the text," won the world praise eyes. Zuo Guodong’s reading club was informed that the Nanping municipal government awarded the "cultural home" in Fujian.

1 yuan can day stay in order to read, is not that unbelievable? But this hero Zuo Guodong open is such a book, and also won the recognition, although profit is unlikely, but such a "home culture" is undoubtedly to be sure.

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