Small tally also has a university asked

When it comes to

, many people think this is a very simple thing, but it is also a very learned thing. Friends to help me sort out the goods, I said: "no, you will not." "What will not be, is not the pendulum goods." He is not convinced that. I told her not to look down on the goods, there are many things inside.

: a commodity not only to put on the shelf on the line, we must first to classify it, children and the elderly goods can not be dirty in height, fragile goods should be put in is not easy to touch the place; seasonal goods in a conspicuous position easily; the same type of goods together. And for customers to buy small commodities; on nearby, reduce the probability of theft.

secondly: the profit of more goods in the first place, multi row of multi-layer display to stimulate the customer’s eye to produce the desire to buy; but also to separate the different ages of goods, the effect must be placed at a glance.

again: product mix, size matching; cigarettes and lighters; beer and cups; instant noodles and ham sausage, etc……. This is also a kind of promotion, tallying at any time with the help of slow-moving goods shipped as soon as possible.

finally: tally is also the time to check the goods, do first in first out, check whether there is expired, deterioration, damage, and so on, in order to avoid unnecessary losses.

I told my friends that this is only a small part of the tally, and I’m learning it. Listen to the friend is really amazing, "gehangrugeshan ah, did not think of this little tally, there is so much knowledge."

in fact, many things in our life and this is the same, it seems very simple, like what people can do, but when do we find that everything is so easy. Yes ah, do not look down on any one small thing, perhaps inside contains a certain university, waiting for us to find, to explore.

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