Mobile phone store management skills

with the growing popularity of mobile phones, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our daily life, the mobile phone market ushered in an unprecedented development, ushered in an unprecedented opportunity! So, how to run a mobile phone shop? Mobile phone store management skills? May wish to learn together!

1, the business model is the key, many people will think of a mobile phone shop, but few people consider the specific characteristics of the local market area is more suitable for what kind of mobile phone stores, as a national city, the capital city and other popular city, the main problem is the position of the shop, the shop good, and good location is hard to find these city faces in the shop premises problem. To solve this problem, I think the business model should be flexible.

2, an important factor related to the product

1) to determine the product structure, there are 2000 kinds of mobile phone category on the market today, business operators in the regional market, according to its business scale, market characteristics, business characteristics, competitors and other objective factors, to do a combination of product positioning, mobile phone as a self-employed, the main products (profit) the location is the key, should in principle be customer-oriented, focusing on the regional market consumer demand for mobile phone, so as to determine its product structure.

2) purchase channel selection, the same in a regional market, due to the different channels of the different mobile phone stores, it also caused a difference in the sales of mobile phone sales are different. Some are from the country to take the goods, some can only get the goods from the package, so there is a gap in the cost of purchase. So, the key is to find suitable purchase channels, reasonable purchase channels do not have to get goods from the source, reasonable purchase channels is the principle of comprehensive cost, mainly contains the purchase price, transportation cost, maintenance cost, customer service, price and promotional support cost rebate policy and so on, so there must be a comprehensive the assessment.

3) adjust product prices whenever the price of the product is the key to the success of the operation, the price is not the lowest, but we must grasp the market, so for the operator, through field investigation, Internet and other means, to grasp the mobile phone price is very necessary.

3, staff management is critical

modern employee management, in short, wages and benefits is the topic of most concern for employees. But I think, if you can sell the phone with the staff

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