Good leeco buns need how many money – join

steamed stuffed bun is a low-cost investment, but the investment is very high investment in small projects, operators start fast, but the market demand is not seasonal. Is a worthwhile investment direction.

good guest steamed stuffed bun on the basis of the traditional techniques of making steamed stuffed bun, do not forget to bring forth new ideas, creating a variety of flavors of new varieties of steamed stuffed bun. Good leeco bun with a big bag of fresh meat, vegetables, soup dumplings, letinous edodes bag bag, Pan-Fried Baozi Stuffed with Pork, plum dried vegetables Hangzhou dumplings, Shanghai dumplings, wonton and other 8 kinds of products. Good guest steamed stuffed bun for you to provide a healthy and nutritious meal feast.

how much does it cost? What are the advantages?

good guest steamed stuffed bun join fee is as follows:

franchise fee: 20 thousand

management fee: 20 thousand

margin: 20 thousand

good guest steamed stuffed bun to introduce the advantages of

1, brand advantage

complete CIS system, with the characteristics of the leading fashion store design novel eye-catching, is a beautiful scenery line.

2, product advantages

from the beginning of the enterprise product quality as the lifeline of enterprises, strictly control the quality of products, with the product to conquer consumers.

3, technical advantages

company R & D and production, sales in one, so in the R & D products into a lot of manpower and financial resources, a professional research team.

4, training advantage

franchisee to free training, including familiar with the product, learning marketing skills, learning management strategies, in order to better manage the franchise later.

5, service advantage

to join the franchisee to provide several large value added services, so that you feel the value of joining the post, enjoy the appreciation after the shop.

6, investment advantage

good guest steamed buns have a precise market positioning, small investment, quick return, open a fire.

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