How to retain old customers

how to seize the consumer demand for the old customers? This problem is worthy of all food and beverage operators to think, if you can well grasp the old customers who operate their own business, your business is not bad. Today, we just take the dumpling shop as an example. Dumpling is a traditional food of the Chinese nation, which is very popular with everyone. Especially with the improvement of living standards, the taste and style is also more and more, to attract investors to join in, see a shop is not so easy to imagine, today Xiaobian talk about dumplings how to retain old customers skills.

wants to retain old customers, so it is necessary to understand the contact point of the shop is reasonable and what grasp it, here, listen to small series to introduce it to you what is to open dumplings you need to grasp the customer’s point of contact.

contact points can be divided into the front contact point and the contact point of the background. The contact point of short-term effect may be more obvious, easy for customers to find everything fresh and new but also more easily, competitors to follow up and failure, it is Huaquanxiutui, see, also in short term, but many times and no improvement on waste. The effect of contact point may come slowly, even do not know what the customers do not feel, but once it works, is long, the competitors want to follow up, it is not so easy to copy. Contact point can also be seen as the front of the contact point, is to play the role of icing on the cake, at least have a Jin, if it is a piece of rag, even if the flowers, it is estimated that few people like. Jin is what, Jin is the core point of contact, of course, is also a general contact point of the background, only this point too, you have to go through this product.

to the 6 yuan dumplings Museum as an example, the contact point is the core of the dumplings, this is a test of the level of chefs, even including the ability to purchase, management and a series of. The customer can not see your kitchen, you don’t know the chef, but these are the products to the customer contact through the dumplings. As for the name of 6 yuan, the decoration features, the waiter will open a voice Steamed Buns what flowers, for the first time more easily let customers find everything fresh and new, feel very fresh, but if you are not delicious dumplings, renamed as one yuan, the customer eating waiter dancing, estimate how many people did not come.

recently marked a combination of many examples of the Internet and catering industry, but these are plainly through the contact point of freshness and the spread of the Internet, reducing the cost of marketing, made a good start. But how much more can retain old customers, have to rely on the kitchen. After all, people come to eat, eat the taste, the other is not important.

above is a small series for you to sort out the old customers on the dumplings store skills, hoping to bring some help to the majority of investors.

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