The huge business opportunities

this is a pursuit of the era of fashion, fashion is no boundaries between different countries, learn from each other, learn from each other, South Korea has always been a fashionable country, Korean jewelry is loved by the Chinese people, so this is not a huge business opportunity?

28 year old Wang and sister opened two accessories furniture store, each invested 100 thousand yuan, the style is Korean, many people see the drama are fascinated by the Home Furnishing jewelry, from the curtain to bedding to some small furniture accessories, can be found in stores. Each store’s annual rent of about 50 thousand yuan, the shop area of about 20 square meters. Because selling home accessories, we choose the store is located in the downtown area of Tanggu, so the rent is more expensive.

advantage: some people pay more attention to the layout and home furnishings, decorative Home Furnishing style tends to be diversified and personalized. Korean wave hit, so many 30~40 year old people fell in love with the Korean drama in the home accessories, just to seize the people do not with others, choose my love, consumer psychology.

disadvantage: an obvious point, is Korean jewelry Home Furnishing high cost due to supply factors, make the price higher and have to buy jewelry, love Home Furnishing in private shops, mostly holding cheap Amoy goods from psychology, competition and price behavior and shopping crazy that makes people see the same Home Furnishing accessories high price, will have to spend so much money than to the mall to buy brand goods "mentality.


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