He is not afraid of unemployment by opening fashion accessories chain

unemployment is not terrible, start again, find a suitable for their own projects, the same can be a major cause of achievement. Because the employment pressure on the market is relatively large, so many people are faced with the crisis of unemployment, laid-off workers opened a fashion jewelry store to turn over, he is how successful?


a laid-off workers in Lianyungang jewelry industry first for product registration of trademarks, after several years of entrepreneurship, has been the development of jewelry industry chain enterprises are the largest varieties of the whole city. This stylish jewelry chain store owner named Xiao zhou. He started from the beginning of the business to adhere to the integrity of customer service, and continuous innovation beyond the continuous growth of enterprises, but also proved that: small jewelry can still break out of the big market.

1999 years ago, sales work in boiler factory, although stable, but he always has a unwilling to remain out of the limelight, want to go beyond the self realization of the value of life consciousness. So, laid off to become a starting point for his future life. Xiao Zhou initiative from the enterprise down, has engaged in bookstores, footwear stores, hotels and other occupation, in the changing business direction at the same time, we have accumulated some money, the more the accumulation of entrepreneurial experience. "I think it is not only very hard to change the direction of entrepreneurship, but also can not be bigger and stronger, I want long-term development." Xiao Zhou said.

2001, a classmate Xiao Zhou came back from Guangzhou, gave him a wallet, I hope he can create more wealth. Students from a fashion jewelry store to buy a wallet, which gave him a lot of inspiration, he believes that jewelry is a boutique in the department store, the market competitiveness, he realized that the jewelry industry will be a lot of room for development. So, he took out 30 thousand yuan deposit in the home, and borrowed a friend to $50 thousand, in October 2001 founded a jewelry line.

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