Traditional enterprise transformation difficulties Give you four suggestions

twenty years ago, a lot of people on the Internet have a smattering of knowledge, think this is a very wonderful and very mysterious thing, but with the development of time, the Internet is gradually exposing the veil of mystery, while China has entered the Internet era.

the essence of the Internet is to connect everything, eliminate distance, and thus impact on all asymmetric information based business model, the choice of real return to the hands of users. Every information revolution speeds up the spread of information. At the same time, each revolution will shift the control of information. For traditional enterprises, what impact will the Internet development have on it?

1. Industries with asymmetric information are being hit by the Internet,

the core of traditional thinking is the product, through large-scale production, large-scale promotion, large-scale sales to achieve profitability, earn a demographic bonus money. However, in this era of personality publicity, with the popularity of the Internet, the information is more and more symmetrical, homogenization is becoming more and more serious, such dividends are less and less.

on the value chain of the traditional interest group is becoming more and more difficult to consolidate their own interests barriers, the traditional brand hegemony and retail hegemony gradually lose the ability of users to issue orders left and right, from the media, to establish and strengthen the autonomy of the traditional channels is not a necessary link, the link loss efficiency are removed, so that service providers and users so, manufacturers and users in a more direct docking. The user’s preferences can quickly feed back to the manufacturer via the network, which inevitably results in an unprecedented blow to any industry that relies on asymmetric information.

two, information asymmetry links will gradually be subverted, or marginalized,

to the Internet era, everything changed, the Internet brings is the "zero distance" to the world’s largest influence, economies of scale and scope into a platform for the economy, information asymmetry into information symmetry, the initiative original information of the enterprise, now in the hands of users, the interaction becomes very important.

with the popularization of the Internet thinking, those on the middle part of the profits space of enterprise form will disappear; to achieve those barriers or monopoly on the long tail effect, closed-loop industry will be reversed; the mandatory center system of production and manufacturing mode will be replaced; the advantages of the differences through the asymmetric information and the special channel will be established ablation……

finally, instead, millet product ideas and to the center of marketing, Apple’s aesthetic and the ultimate user experience, Android open, and redefine the automotive industry Tesla extraordinary. The asymmetric information and communication distance, the interests of all relevant commodities are free, transient expression value and the value proposition of their own, rely on the information asymmetry and the black box operation profit profit model and shareholder value priority thinking was completely subversive, instead of the user value and the value of human capital first, stakeholder price >

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