Share experience with high quality traffic through Baidu Post Bar


just saw the Changqing brother share "SEO is not equal to the non SEO network promotion promotion experience sharing", feel quite deep, also has deep feeling, that you can look at this article, it can bring us a lot of inspiration. In SEO, the competition is so fierce, if they do not have relatively rich experience in SEO, without an extensive network of resources, do SEO really is not an easy thing, only using SEO single through the search engine to get traffic, is indeed a relatively large risk. So, we do SEO promotion at the same time, can also be supplemented by some other means of promotion, bring more traffic to their website, also can reduce their own website for tolerance according to the search engine, reduce the operation risk of the site.

remembers evergreen big brother mentioned in his article, 05 years when he used Baidu stick, every day you can bring the company’s Web site to about IP 2W. Through Baidu post bar to get high-quality traffic experience sharing, that is what I want to share with you today. Of course, I’m just a novice to use Post Bar promotion is still in the learning stage, so to reach the super level Changqing brother, but every day through the Baidu Post Bar get dozens of high quality IP or wood problem. Let’s get to the point today and share my experience with the Baidu post bar for high quality traffic.

1. choose good stick, is the basis for high quality traffic flow

we all know, Baidu post bar quantity is more, and the popularity difference is also very big. So choose good stick, it is stick to promote a foundation. So, how should we choose Baidu stick it? The first is content to be related, that is to say, you choose the post bar must be related to the content of your web site, this is mainly to consider the needs of the post bar users. The second is to see the popularity of paste it. If a stick does not have what popularity, also can’t give you website what flow to take. Therefore, there must be a choice, there is a certain popularity of the post bar. However, you don’t think the popularity is good, some Post Bar popularity is very high, but the competition is very fierce, one of your posts a few minutes to sink, but also reach the effect of the promotion, so that you own me. Third is to see the stick of the post can send a link, general post bar is able to send links, and some of the relatively strict bar, seems to be unable to send links.

2. stick stick promotion routine method, vest top stick

first need to explain, do stick promotion, you need to register more Baidu account, this account is your promotion tool. In the first step on the basis of, and select good post bar, go to bar, release some of you are more interested in the topic, and then in the post bar on the first floor or two floor, leave your promotion website. It’s not the topic of OK, you have to keep your post at the top of the page

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