My love and Web start with love, and end by love

love lost, and the rest is just a sigh and helplessness, when you have to treasure.

a brilliant evening / color like your nails / it’s so tight hold on to my beautiful wound

recalls like an ancient city / resounded with the laughter of you / despite the roar of sand and wind outside the city / if I don’t go / mourn, it doesn’t encroach on me,

you know / live in the past there’s good / all happiness / I can’t find

in the future

that bridge of love sighs / can only be far away from me / laugh at me / make it laugh

you know / miss how important you are / how proud / even / the bridge of love sighs / dances with the savage world

forced me to underestimate / / I do not force me to go to ———–

one. Capture her love on the web.

in September 2004, after the black three years, well I came to Jiangxi as a university student, everything for me is fresh, I have a lot of dreams came here from Sichuan. But after four years also told me that four years I was too the extraordinary life of.2005 years ago, Jiangxi is under the snow, it was the snow I met her, the Philippines. The Music Department of a happy girl. Soon she and I became good friends, and my feelings for her have gradually changed. I have decided to catch up with her.

once she and I are in Internet cafes, she QQ a web site called me, I went in after see is colorful ", beautifully produced. This is where the NetEase free home community. And the Philippines said, she also wanted a home page that ah, I said on the spot. A week after I send you a web page, do well, very simple. Look at her eyes to my expectations, nods.

to do "," do this, how to do? Word do a simple hyperlink to "I will do, but when it comes to regular web page is suspended. But I know that this opportunity is very important, I can not break her absolute chance. So I spent a little time. The Internet to find some information about that: DW+PS is a basic tool to do" ah, he also learned FLASH, so just start with these two software with.


10 days later, —————————————–


looks good personal homepage was born, and I was cheating a little on entering the site on the cover, and this is my real purpose to do this site. "The cover produced by FLASH, the two button to enter the correct requirements, and the answer is: A B promised: like. My question is:" the Philippines, would you do me.

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