Personal Adsense development direction big and whole as small and dedicated

good beginning is successful half, personal Adsense team is more and more huge, can’t find the direction of the webmaster is also more and more, personal Adsense development direction in the end where?. In the end how to do to make money through the website, today with everyone simple knife, discuss the development direction of individual adsense.

personal Adsense is divided into three categories, what kind of

do you belong to?

first class personal webmaster do stand up from the first day of the idea of the station that let others momentum is kicking punch Sina, Sohu, NetEase in elbow clamp. The webmaster will die, just waiting for his back and lose everything.

second personal webmaster do stand from the first day the idea is garbage station, this station can earn money, is likely to launch a successful brand war in making a pile of garbage after garbage station, bid farewell to the webmaster, webmaster to senior development direction.

third kinds of webmaster from do station begin to cut in point is very small, small can ignore, this kind of webmaster generally succeed. There are so many outstanding sites here, hao123, QQ163, 55, 123, and so on. The website provides a function without any impurities. And they have now become the master behind the roots of legendary heroes, some become CEO, is a senior expert, maybe some of them have left the arena for many years, but the lake always spread about their rumors.

stationmaster should know the story of gold digger

gold story believe that many webmaster all know: in ancient times, a group of poor people have heard of gold somewhere far away, so the family to Hula Hula gold this group of people, the end result is that the real gold money, and fortune is porridge where boss.

stationmaster is gold digger, gold is valuable because of its small quantity. Maybe we can’t be a rich gold digger, but we can sell the gold diggers. Actually, someone has already done that. IDC providers, program developers, advertising alliances…… They may not be personal webmaster, but they have to give personal Adsense service at the same time become rich, they are the real wise man.

friends will say that we are too thin to provide these services. But we can do a lot, I know a friend of primary webmaster training class of the first period, he did not stand, but in this circle, through their own meager strength, brings considerable income for themselves and many personal webmaster. He did actually very simple, founded a QQ group (64447904), this group on a function, source code, supply and demand group. Here, you can get some excellent source code for low price or even free. You can also sell your source here, the transaction can be entrusted to the Admin5 intermediary, 100 yuan of the following transactions are exempt from intermediary fees. In some people’s eyes, the income may be very modest, but steady than dry.


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