When the SaySEM of Baidu know promotion techniques.

Baidu know the weight, do SEO are clear, not only in their own products Baidu weight high, in the Google weight is the same high, I think this is probably Baidu is worth our learning place.

Most enterprises usually

long tail word is not going to do the bidding, but these are still there will be a lot of people to search, according to research data China Internet Network Information Center CNNIC show that the search word is longer, so the traffic is more accurate, then you might ask, why not optimize the long tail word on his website on? There are two reasons:

first, Baidu knows that it is in the third party’s point of view, and the user is willing to believe that neither of the third parties is willing to believe you. This is an indisputable fact.

second, you can guarantee Baidu or Google a search engine rankings, but you can not guarantee 100% of the long tail word in Baidu and Google are placed in the first screen, but Baidu know can,


is pushing these two points, and it’s enough to attract everyone. Baidu knows it. Here are the detailed steps:

1, you need to create three categories of accounts. Note: account registration I generally 10 onwards, but remember not to use the same IP registration too much, will be blocked, and after registration, no matter what you do not need to remember to log in every day. Why should detailed classification, because this is more conducive to their own management.

first, ask the account number, these accounts are mainly used to issue long tail words.

second categories, thread account, this account is mainly used to increase the long tail word density, you can also casually answer, so that the problem does not like advertising stickers.

third, give the best answer to the account number, such accounts are given the best answer, and leave the URL (not necessarily if their web site Oh, please continue to look down).

2, with the question number will be carefully prepared long tail word issue to Baidu know (if the wealth value is high, you can set high score problem, more conducive to later promotion).

3, change IP (remember to change IP, with agents can), with thread account to thread. Part of the account, remember to increase the density of keywords, another department of unrestrained answer. Then leave the problem for 2 or 3 days and ask someone else to answer it. (the effect of high marks is here.).

4, continue to change IP (remember, must not be the same as the two accounts of IP), with the best answer to the account number, answer one of the questions, set the best answer, and leave your web site. Then this problem will add to Baidu with another account. When answering other questions, they can leave Baidu’s address, or leave the first question Baidu know the address, this is not only by the title, also used the SEO link in the strategy (note the link anchor text around to take relevant keywords, which is more conducive to SEO), making you long.

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