Seize the recruitment industry attributes, the correct operation of talent website

recently, the focus of the industry has focused on Sogou and 360 mergers and acquisitions, and for other types of Web sites is not enough attention, at least recently, the changes in talent website industry, we have not seen. May be their own is doing this line, so this industry is more sensitive, and then I’ll tell you about my time talent website operation of some understanding.

5.17 when the news, happened to see the news, from the recently released 2013 first quarter earnings, qianchengwuyou total revenue fell 0.1%, net profit fell 9.7% over last year. Among them, the online recruitment service in the first quarter of each independent employer’s average income fell 10% over last year. This is a very negative development signal, to know that since announced the performance management problems at the time, I have been thinking, as the traditional recruitment industry job done a good job in this respect, at least not encountered negative growth embarrassment, but this is enough to see the message that the traditional recruitment industry already facing development bottleneck.

reasons for the negative growth of the traditional recruitment industry can be found out too much, such as what mode is old, new users viscosity is not high, traffic flow mode is single, and so on, we can say a lot. But the real operator, talent website friend should understand, talent website problems source is not confined to the above points, I think there are more real reasons for us to face up to.

homogenization of the whole industry is serious, there is no core competitive philosophy

is like the lines of the Chinese partner. In an industry where everyone is doing the same thing, there is no core feature that is easily forgotten. Now the recruitment industry in China is such a situation, we are using a model to do the same recruitment, it is difficult for candidates to really know which website is better. And now everyone’s profit model is the same, it is the recruitment unit service fees and fixed membership value-added fee, in addition to these costs, difficult to have some breakthroughs, instead of making money is a direct result of personnel website is difficult to make a difference. Before the electric grid blog friend told me, even in Yixing city this two or three line talent recruitment industry competition pressure is small, but the crowd demand for work and for the Internet recruitment acceptance is not the same, from their own benefit is very difficult in fact, higher cost. So, how to enrich their own profit model, so that their recruitment website has become more than just a talent recruitment so a dead end, then it is a long-term guarantee for their own development.

blind high-end, did not distinguish between recruitment sites facing the crowd

, some recruitment websites always feel that the current non profits, because the crowd is not enough oil and water, so blind expansion of their business scope, profits will focus on the high-end employment crowd. But for this situation, I would like to say that it is impossible that China is

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