Buy a website to exercise good internal strength at the same time, also need to assess the situation

with more and more well-known sites to join the group purchase group purchase website ranks, the pattern of gradually changing, refer to my previous article in stationmaster net "group purchase website carrier era of the analysis of the current situation of group purchase website". Now more and more saying is buy Group website is faced with shuffle, 99% group buys a website to be eliminated. Is there really no room for small and medium buy sites? I don’t think so.

Groupon model buy site, it has a very important feature, that is, in a certain period of time, a region, a single group. It is this innovative model that attracts users, businesses, investors, and many followers. But this model also has some restrictions and disadvantages: first, the user has no choice, can only buy this kind of service or goods at one time; the merchants who participate in the activity are limited; two, geographical restrictions. I think it is these constraints and drawbacks also brought opportunities for small and medium-sized buy site survival.

first, the aircraft carrier group purchase era, reached a certain scale of users need to be able to undertake large group purchase website user group business, if a number of group purchase website has accumulated a number of users to participate in the draw day group purchase can reach 5000, it will seek to provide 5000 copies of goods or services businesses, but only provide 500 copies of the businesses will need to promote, it is more suitable for small and medium organizations to group purchase website.

second, Groupon model group purchase website needs team under a strong line, a group purchase website a success in a city can not simply transplant to another city, each city has its own user consumption habits. Since the group began to count weekly data (see the weekly shopping list in individual space), Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou have never been the same group buying websites.

opportunity in this, the small group purchase website how to grasp it? Although I don’t do group purchase website, but by looking for love to do since the group purchase navigation website group, there are some views on the same share, summarized as: "Lianhaoneigong also need to consider the situation".

"Lianhaoneigong " this includes many aspects such as Kung Fu, the company’s management, team construction and so on, there are many masters, experts. These aspects, I dare not only grassroots Luantan, chat and group purchase related:

1. to have a good reputation, get the trust of users and businesses, for those who cheat, false behavior will inevitably be eliminated. It takes a long process.

2., a perfect after-sales mechanism, for the last service; the company and people are likely to fail, the key depends on how to treat. If a group purchase website and business cooperation, the user on your site but because businesses group purchase, delivery is not timely, users find your complaint, if you simply allow users to find businesses, what impact will the user


3. fully evaluate each single group is suitable for their group buying network >

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