How should stationmaster choose a good domain name to do website

webmaster in website before, we need to consider the problem of the domain name is the website, the website domain name website directly affects the positioning of future development, so everyone in the domain name registration must be considered, I said some views her here, only for your reference.

one   COM is undoubtedly the best, and the commonly used Pinyin com is the first choice. Here refers to the commonly used Pinyin: commonly used product Pinyin word, trade Pinyin word, as well as meaningful Pinyin (best 7). If you have a phonetic com that is very relevant to the theme of your website, then congratulations, your website has a good start. Shoes nets, for example, have

two commonly used word com. This kind of domain name basically lies in foreign hands, and in the international price is much higher than the corresponding pinyin price, but not with the majority of people use habits, this is a choice, a choice is in China basically is not common. Such as glass screen

three best meaningful three letters, four digits less than com. The letters are best combined with the initials of the website; the numbers are good if they are homophonic and have special meanings. For example, area code 0516 (Xuzhou area code), 365 (the number of days per year), 8844 (Mount Everest height), 1688 (all the way hair, Alibaba) and so on. But this kind of domain name can fit the theme of the site is not much, but this kind of domain name has been registered in most rice farmers, suggest the webmaster not careful buy.

four: commonly used Pinyin CN,, net. Now commonly used Pinyin com has not registered, and now this kind of domain name purchase price has step by step higher, especially the industry product category Pinyin, six digit already is a universal price. The domain name is often difficult to obtain, then you can consider whether to use pinyin CN,, net, the use of Pinyin domain name, easy to remember good promotion, with the name of the site is very easy to hang the bait, this is an important reason why I choose this. Before using this kind of domain name, follow such a principle: you first check whether the com has been doing the corresponding station? Do station is your rival? If not, look at the domain where? Foreign or domestic? Foreign words relatively rivals and the possibility to do the main station meter relatively low. If you are at home, see who have? Are there in the park? How likely the owner of his site is (for example, aomeixin rice is generally not a station, the price is very high, while wearing jump meters usually do stand, especially in the Hunan area, when he is finished) these? Things will be analyzed, in order to avoid doing the station for others to do awake.

what you try to avoid is the occurrence of the Shanzhai

when you have a good analysis of COM and feel less risky about your site, you can try >

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