Acquisition function is a blessing or a curse

the author has not been exposed to domestic websites since the long journey. Even say there are several years without a domestic website. Until recently, the work relationship was transferred back to China, then began to go to some domestic websites, and began to come into contact with some domestic CMS. What makes me most surprised is that many domestic CMS have powerful ", collect " and function. This also explains the heart has been a big question: why is " each search of some of the material, there is always a lot of the same " based on curiosity, I applied for a free PHP+MySql space, and the installation of DedeCMS. Then do " capture " move. Soon, in a blink of an eye, a website has been completed. " " collection;, is a function of how convenient! Originally a website may need to spend days or even months to complete, as long as the use of " acquisition " this function can be completed in an instant. No doubt, " acquisition of " this function is really a good news for the webmaster. However, for the vast number of Internet users, " it " is a good news? I do not think so. " the acquisition of " indeed reduced the workload of the webmaster, but also really deprived of the rights of Internet users. As more and more convenient " acquisition of " function, the emergence of original articles is also relatively reduced.

users get the correct information and fewer opportunities, can not get second opinion (second views) an information search time, often before the 40 results have 38 is the same, the remaining 2 is irrelevant ". Even cast aside " collect " no, believe everyone in " Baidu knows " there is the same experience in li. A lot of the answers are plagiarized, and the Internet users often fail to get the answers they really want. Perhaps, this is a characteristic of the Chinese people, it is also a good phenomenon for Internet users and domestic Internet development. The author believes that this feature will not only affect the development of network, the development of many other industries will also curb.

hope everyone webmaster and Internet users can too much support for originality, and respect for originality, believe that this will be the first step for China to stand on top of the world.


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