Learning Paradise of network management

one, the line is blocked, unable to establish connection


1. connects the WAN port of the router with the ADSL Modem with the network cable, and the phone line connects to the "Line" port of the ADSL Modem. Connections between ADSL Modem and broadband routers should use straight lines.

2. checks whether the Link light signal in the router LAN shows whether the router is connected to the LAN or not. The LAN port of the router can either be connected directly to the computer or connected to the switch.

two, network settings incorrect,


handbook to find the default router management address, for example, the default router IP address is, the mask is, please send your computer is connected to the router LAN port, can use two methods to set the IP address for the computer.

1. manually sets the IP address.

sets your computer’s IP address to 192.168.1.xxx (XXX range from 2 to 254), subnet mask to, and default gateway to When cell broadband access is adopted, the internal IP address assigned by the DHCP and the IP address used by the cell shall be ensured to be in different network segments.

2. automatically sets the IP address using the router’s built-in DHCP server.

1) set your computer’s TCP/IP protocol to automatically get the IP address and automatically obtain the DNS server address".

2) turn off the router and your computer power. First, open the router power, and then start your computer.

three cannot perform ADSL dial

opens the Web browser and enters the management address of the router in the address bar, such as, where the system asks for the login password. The password can be found on the product manual. Enter the management interface, select menu "network parameters" under the "WAN port settings", on the right side of the main window, "WAN port connection type" and choose the "PPPoE" input "Internet account" and "Internet Password", click the connect button.

four and ISP bind the MAC address and cannot connect to

some broadband providers bind MAC addresses on the authentication server in order to limit the number of access users. At this time, the first will be binding MAC address to connect to router LAN port (but do not connect the Modem router or ISP connection, then the router) MAC address cloning, copy the MAC address of network card to broadband router WAN port. At Windows 2000/>

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