What sites can Analytics and Google not be suitable for

before this article, thank you again for your kind attention. I’m taking a vacation in October, and I won’t be able to answer any questions back then, but I’ve come up with a good idea, which I’ll let you know later on.

in addition, this blog also opened up a new interactive platform for friends, including my micro-blog: http://t.sina.com.cn/webanalytics, CWA, http://t.house.sina.com.cn/g/36476, micro group: two QQ group CWA: 100273884 and 45161188.

before the start of this article, but also to Robin Li his classmates sorry, a problem made me aware of their deficiencies, this issue is about Google Analytics Exit Rate, my mistake lies in his understanding of the definition I had actually been wrong. I always thought that the Exit of a page Rate= on the page to leave the site after PV÷ the Visit page, but the page formula is Exit Rate= leave the site PV÷ total PV of the page. Why is the reason I think this definition is very clear, because for GA, very strict area measure and site level measurement of page level, visit is a measure of a site level, while the exit rate is the page level, so exit rate can only use page view to define.

but please note that Omniture and GA have different definitions in this place, and the definition of Omniture is the previous formula. Personally, I prefer the definition of the previous formula because it keeps Exit Rate consistent with Bounce Rate.

well, into the business, want to say today is for entering the gate website analysis of friends, the topic is not deep, but very interesting, about Google Analytics, we should analysis about what tools do.

before I begin my comments, I’d like to make a disclaimer. I know Omniture very much, but I don’t want to favor any one kind of tool, because I know the website analysis tool for all mankind (well, exactly is all website analysts) wealth, before we enjoy the wealth, understand it, read it, it is very good, avoid, for the rest of the subjective color, I will not involved in. Just share, share for joy, and share for depression. :



today, this topic is about Google Analytics, which is our most frequently used and most familiar website analysis

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