Taobao, wake up! Beauty is your sorrow!!!

Taobao customers want to promote, beautiful, say a kind of website is a good place, but Taobao guest wake up, beautiful say is your sorrow!

heard yesterday that the beauty index had gone up by ten times, somewhat shocked, because the index of one word rarely rose ten times overnight, so it went on to study beauty.

opens beautiful says home page, it is the online shopping share picture of a few females, the feeling has nothing to do. Here is a Taobao because Taobao station, registered an account, want to advertise your station.

login and click the

in the upper right corner



clicks in and pops up:


, third of which are somewhat similar to new folders, and second can only upload pictures and cannot send URL.

a lot of people advertise, use the first "share baby."". Here’s the key. "Share, baby."". Clicking on "sharing baby" pops up:


you’ll find here that you can only fill in the address of the Taobao store and the address of the Taobao, or he will prompt you that URL is incorrect.


can see, beautiful say mainly refers to Taobao sellers, and Taobao guest webmaster.

OK, I’ll send you a Taobao address.

OK, share success.


of course, the amazing discovery happened when I went in again. When I started ordering something I just shared, I first went into a beautiful inner page,


point to the middle of the picture. "Go buy."".


, take a close look at the change in the URL on the address bar, and you’ll find that you’ll skip three URL:

in a flash

1. beautiful says inside page;

2. Taobao guest address;

3. Taobao store address (final page).

well, we found? The final page we visit the PID from the previous Taobao mm_11219872_0_0 into the mm_17142583_0_0 here!

, when I first found this, I…

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