Why stationmaster class website ALEXA ranks all round red

          ALEXA;       careful webmaster friends may find, recently, many webmaster class web site rankings greatly increased. But the rankings for other types of websites haven’t changed much. For this reason, I made a relatively comprehensive survey and found some interesting phenomena.

I have to each kind of stationmaster class website all carried on the ALEXA rank inquiry, for example stationmaster information class, stationmaster statistics class, procedure, station type, domain name registration class, stationmaster kind of tool. Finds that the rise in rankings is largely recognized by all categories of leading sheep websites. I think this ALEXA adjustment although a little off the mark, but through this ranking up, can identify what kind of webmaster website, is really have very many webmaster often. Ranking has nothing to change the webmaster class site, may be the amount of their visit is not much, or is the webmaster class user impure. Like before I mentioned in the article, "ALEXA high ranking does not necessarily flow high, but ALEXA ranking is not high, the flow will not be too high"

as shown: ALEXA rose significantly webmaster class website

site name website address before April 4th April 15th China station http://www.chinaz.com ranking ranked 3882166 out of 70641312 http://www.im286.com http://www.admin5.com 252751126 CNZZ http://www.cnzz.com stationmaster net 6770229 51LA http://www.51.la 4135245 http:// www.webmasterhome.cn/ 222263187 China home owners. CMS http://www.dedecms.com/ 260006858 Discuz http://www.discuz.net 83552223 PHPWIND http://www.phpwind.net 93786647 http://www.blueidea.com/ 147667051 http://www.net.cn 108341006 civilink ideal blue

I’m not here for example, other famous Adsense class website ranking has not changed. There may be a few I did not find, but basically I understand the various categories of relatively well-known webmaster class sites, have to do the investigation, really did not find, as well as the ranking rose particularly obvious.

actually webmaster class users often >

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