Talking about how to move to the mobile Internet entrepreneurs


stationmaster, once a very honorable title, has become very hard. Before the webmaster, it seems that in some people’s eyes, is a versatile role: PHP, is the programmer; will DIV as front-end designer; use PS map, is a designer; pull point sponsorship and advertising, the primary salesman; analyze and formulate the website to, boy, is a CEO. I often laugh at the webmaster friends, do personal webmaster, that is, collection of computer technology, network marketing, aesthetics, commodity science, psychology, social engineering is equal to a body. But everything is not fine, has been making waste to the Internet, but earn very little advertising fees, only enough to pay for space and domain name fees. Of course, there are many boil out of the head.

is one of the earliest removed from the Internet, also slightly at the bottom of the group, how to achieve a qualitative leap? Lou song song said in his blog: "from the original ‘soy sauce’ now ‘media’ for me is a big change". Yes, if you are from a grassroots webmaster in the webmaster meeting, a media support conference, for grassroots webmaster, that is a wonderful thing. So, how can you come back like Lu Songsong for such a counter attack? I think it should be entrepreneurship. Formerly called webmaster assembly, now called Internet entrepreneurs conference, this is essentially a leap. We should not continue as grassroots webmaster, should not be unique means to the Internet to create more only to cater to search engines of garbage. Where is the difference between grass root webmaster and Internet entrepreneur? Although they are a group of "hundred workers", they are more "desperate". Grass roots webmaster, can be a programmer, can also be a traditional industry sales staff, but also a few moments of interest in the chicks. Have a regular job, buy a domain name and space, an open source program, and then do a Logo, so to build, is a webmaster. You can either work part-time or stay full-time. You can either major or part-time. After work, update the article, send out the chain. When you are in a bad mood, sit in front of the computer, watch movies, talk about the sky, and you are still a webmaster. However, if you are an entrepreneur in the Internet, you will not only have to do 100 jobs, but also upgrade your existing skills to a higher level. You have to learn that your website is not only catering to search engines, but also to visitors. You should not only update your articles, but also be original and have unique opinions. Your goal is not to care about a day of ten thousand IP stations earn advertising fees, but should care about your site has what kind of influence in the industry, you have to expect what time your site can be big fancy venture. Every day you should pay attention to the information is no longer just a variety of webmaster network above articles, but also should read the major IT blog, major investors community, and all major entrepreneurs website useful information, and one by one analysis and digestion.

said so much, that is, I hope you grassroots webmaster can have a.

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