Develop a good way to update your website every day

this is my second article to the webmaster nets, the first article by many websites, even ruthless. I will cut down, some directly put on their own, they become the original, ah, very helpless. All right, stop gossiping and go straight to the point.

there are too many owners have had this experience, a website is just set up, very energetic, adhere to the daily updates, then second days early to walk around for a search engine, was collected on the day of good mood, no results on the depressed day. The latter is easy to break the pot, break the idea of fall, that is love, Zha Zha, do not go, updated every day, anyway, updated can not be included. So, the former is almost the same situation, was included, but also just temporarily comfort yourself, if third days and not be included, also became the latter. What can you do to keep it up,


let me tell you a little bit of my experience.

forget search engine

first try to forget this thing (Search Engine SEO friends don’t worry), when it does not exist, especially in the early site running, if you care too much about search spiders, you do not go. Search engine has a sandbox effect period, this Google is there, Baidu’s not sure, if you really care, then you miserable.

regularly releases information content

some webmaster friends don’t quite understand what it means. I’ll explain. It is to stipulate what time oneself carries on the content of a column classification, information is added. Many webmaster do when updates to the site are used to remember to update, or update a two article feel no meaning, feeling a bit boring, so this time you need to give their strict rules about time, define their goals, which is to do what is the purpose of this site, the original why is this website, in order to achieve a desired result must adhere to complete the self set goals. I am now updated at ten o’clock every morning, updated at three o’clock p.m., updated second times at ten o’clock p.m., updated third times a day. Some part-time work station owners do not have so much time, it is recommended to update in the morning and evening, noon can be omitted. The updated content can be prepared the day before, or drawn by mobile phone when you are off the bus, and then released directly in second days. Remember that it is time to release information and develop a daily routine. (friends who are reprinted, save face, don’t delete my links. Thank you.) good luck to everyone. Please attach my website entertainment online

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