Webmaster friend, when you most want to give up, please stick to it

doing web work is a tough business. When someone in the song when we study the template code in front of the computer; when others are sleeping, we update the site work. Doing a website is a long-term career, without a persistent heart, you are very difficult to succeed. When you most want to give up, webmaster friend, please remember, hold on again, maybe you can succeed!


, I think I’ve been standing for over a year now. From the first stop up to now, I’ve got several stops. Do the first time, never expect to be engaged in the industry in, was just to do Wangzhuan to pull off the assembly line, a HTML based not on the Internet under a self-study tutorial DW, officers at 3 days, using the framework built to make family network the first station, not all the beauty industry several times during the transformation, page, do Wangzhuan I think is not successful, there have been several times to give up the idea, and I continue to support only a belief that is to insist on doing down. From the original Wangzhuan almost half a year’s income of 0, now earning 100 knife above, I think this is the return to


think, now HTML not too much, and updated with the pure HTML station is scanty, but rarely useful Wangzhuan station, the station’s HTML update. With HTML standing for more than a year, I think I still have the success factor. Now look at the Wangzhuan industry stand, some even insist on the first half of the stick? And stick to the end, adhere to the law is the best! For all webmaster.

I think whether a website can generate revenue, is whether the information you provide is the information we need, where there is demand you have interest, you can certainly make money! Webmaster friends could not insist, I think most of the reason is that your station information provided is not what we need. In the premise of this? Demand, adhere to update, adhere to the original, you said search engines have what reason not included your station, you have what reason not to flow up to


webmaster friend, when you most want to give up, please stick to it, and always will have a return, insist on is 365 days, less 1 days, 1 hours, 1 minutes, 1 second, that does not call persistence,


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