Soft text is not good, mainly has the following shortcomings

one, there is no good theme. Without a distinct theme, it does not lead to journalistic effects and is insufficient to impress the reader. This requires, on the one hand, the enterprise’s senior leaders to express business perspectives, dare to express views on the industry, dare to take action; on the other hand, soft Wen should be able to extract the theme, discover news clues, transverse strengthening and other departments of the company, actively reported business stories. For example, I have seen a soft text, the name is because of "money", I love him. Let’s not say what the content of the article, see such a title, on the tune of the appetite we see.

two, the title, the beginning is not wonderful. As the saying goes, "good article is half head.". For shorter news stories, 70% is the title or the first decision to succeed. The article should begin with a simple and clear way to attract readers. But this is a small title, but there is a lot of knowledge about it. I’ll discuss it later in this article.

three, gimmick is obscure, sentence is not unobstructed. It is difficult to lift the reader’s appetite".

four, there are many features, but there is no bright spot. "Like" current account ", put some text to pile up, and that the longer the better, but let the reader. In fact, this is the basic performance of writing is not solid performance. As early as elementary school, the teacher told us that the article should have a central idea. Write the soft text, pay particular attention to this point. We are writing news, not long stories, so it is imperative to identify the highlights of many features that will allow readers to accept and impress. You can say that, you put all the ten characteristics of the whole, as a bright spot thoroughly. If you can find multiple features, you can write in a number of soft Wen, multi angle reports, will receive better results.

five, content is empty, is full of big talk, empty talk. Some people love to write soft, with some find not to the point of language, the text is equivalent to "brag", the reader is equivalent to the audience. As we all know, writing and talking have the same place, and there are different places. When face-to-face conversation, if only big, very arrogant "vocabulary" and "popular", while others listened hard, but because of the face, to continue to listen to them; but if readers read this style of articles, it will be tossed aside. This is where speaking and writing are different. There is a common ground between the two, that is, can cause resentment. The soft text is full of bragging, is a kind of fool to the reader, enterprise issued this kind of soft Wen, did not achieve corresponding effect. Really good results can be achieved, the soft text is equal communication with readers, respect for readers, so that readers have access to relevant knowledge and information sense of accomplishment. This is the highest realm of writing soft text.

six, can not properly grasp the length of soft text. Better long, shorter, better? No verdict. In fact, the author of the soft Wen does not have to blindly pursue the length of the article. With long, good things, you can write things down

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