Talking about lifting up the PHOTOSHOP forum.

turns around and starts to love PHOTOSHOP nets. URL:

one, just interested in building PHOTOSHOP forums.

remembers the time it was built, when it was interest. But I never thought it would cost so much space. And for me, it’s a big investment.

, like many webmasters, needs investment, so he considers how to make money.

is good for making GG dollars, but there are too few ads for the PS class.

in this forum show the theme of advertising, mostly with PS irrelevant, so member click rate is very low, very no money way.

two, selling PHOTOSHOP forums, just confused.

I really don’t want to sell the station.

managed to build up a few. If there is no confidence, who will not recognize their children?.

used 3G at that time, and the income was too low.

searches for no revenue streams.

seemed to be calling for income.

seems to have been a father when he suddenly thinks about his livelihood,

was single and romantic without being a father.

, many people say that the site should adhere to.

but again, there must be a reason to insist.

later, find a good home for children. The thought that people will take care of our kids, don’t think, hey…….

three, when rebuilding the PHOTOSHOP forum, I was confident.

today, I’ve built my PS forum again.

because of this period of continuous thinking, like the call, feel that they have the ability to put a PS station to new development prospects.

has been playing web sites for a long time,

finally got the point,

persistence is not a problem, but the problem is confidence without perseverance.

all said that life is play with confidence, so it is the same.

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