On my trip to the independent blog WangzhuanTrend analysis of Taobao customers in the future

for more than 4 months of network life, let me a little bit more!

one, sh419’s plucked

passenger on-line has also been for two years, so its future development will be how to change? sh419’s feathers, Ali mother black list and frozen Amoy owners Commission, faced with numerous challenges, how much is left to persist? Let us work together to the development trend of the future of Taobao customers under analysis.

says it’s been almost two months since he started an independent blog, and though it’s rarely visited, it’s hardly worth mentioning here, but for me it’s very meaningful. I believe you will feel after reading.

first heard of Wangzhuan is taobao can sell things. The first thing I Wangzhuan is in Taobao shop, there is no harvest results. At that time, I bought some small ornaments on the website of selling ornaments, because I didn’t know much about the promotion methods, and the shop opened for more than one month without any harvest. I lost most of my passion. But my job makes me tired, in order to survive just I was very eager to do things carelessly, such a self-sufficient occupation, leaving the people hate the place. So I still have great hope for wangzhuan.

how many Amoy owners will give up Taobao off? Mom will therefore guest ended on a Taobao time will prove everything?. this article by aiqimi webmaster original, first A5, reprinted please indicate here.

Wangzhuan investment since joining a network – blind jewelry website. I invested 1100 yuan, whole boondoggle. At that time, the website claimed that after joining, you can enjoy a lower purchase price. Franchise fee is 1000 yuan, deposit 500, then I only deposited 100 yuan, they give you an independent domain name website. The domain name is actually registered according to my own information, but when it comes to this website, the garbage is terrible. The experience hit me a lot. But the hope is still strong wangzhuan.

I suddenly felt that my personality was better suited to living on the internet. My Wangzhuan beginning.

escape sh419 pull hair but also face the Ali Mama black list and commission to freeze the crisis, some time ago, mom upgrade background, but inadvertently will promote some before being hidden by boring out, whether this is all said black single? At that time, Ali mother the explanation was patted after the goods without payment, I was in a guest group saw a friend said, his one month extension of more than 200 single, and the hidden part more than 100, adds up to about 400 single, contrast ratio seems to be too big, not more than 400 people photographed after the goods have more than 100 no personal payment transactions! This is very suspicious, these are only personal views.

at that time there were a lot of advertisements claiming typing could make money. When I saw it, I took it for granted. I bought a mobile phone card for this purpose. The result is imaginable.

sh419 has been on the API program is more offensive, the API program calls all Taobao customers to promote products, the data is very large, for sh419 to provide adequate information is no longer a concern, at least included tens of thousands more, included hundreds of thousands or even millions of both, but the face overnight included come to nothing happened. Now the API guest program innumerable, tens of thousands of Amoy owners at least 80% of the people have a API program, the content of the same so that sh419 can not start, the degree of sh419 API as can be imagined. Recommend the use of single product promotion, or do a part-time Amoy is a good choice.

I contact the network very late, roughly in 07 years, usually even typing are unfamiliar, and the network related knowledge is very little known. The idea is to set up an independent blog because I read a book about Wangzhuan the books in a bookstore. The author’s net name is: endto, the book is called "grassroots juvenile into 10", as if this name. The book introduces the operating method of higher. Especially to the website establishment, maintenance, promotion has made the detailed introduction. This book has great influence on me, it makes me know the world that, such a way of living wangzhuan. My interest in the Internet grew.

then I started my two month tour of GG. Usually more Internet access, shlf1314 click ads also have some understanding, my shlf1314 tour began in full swing. I didn’t have a website, and it took me a lot of time to apply for GG. But I finally use network blog application success tianfeng. I’m a little comforted by that. Although less than $3 has been made for more than two months. For a long time in the days I found online networking fees are earned will not come here, the impetuous atmosphere gradually let me feel tired, I decided to leave the environment.

The failure of

in December 14th, the Commission to freeze Ali mother in large range, according to the news said that as long as the promotion of abnormal are frozen, the fact is really true? If it is illegal promotion of frozen it would have nothing to say, but not many irregularities have been frozen. What happened? Is this is the detection of Ali my mother has a problem? I don’t think so. First of all, Ali mother has stated that the promotion of norms, if the promotion process violated the regulations formulated by the Commission will be frozen or blocked account, but this is to promote the standard in August 9 and October so custom, why no rumors were frozen Commission news? Why to freeze for a large range in November this one? What is the purpose, I think everyone will know, only you know mom.


three, Ali mother freeze Commission

two, Ali’s mother’s single

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