shlf1314 ADsense and SEONuzzel social browser for quick hits on friends headline

talked to shlf1314 AdSesne not as you imagined difficult to make, also cited some examples: with industry attributes, a unique and stable return visitors have higher rates of new visitors to the small website, also can earn some money in shlf1314 AdSense. In fact, no matter how much money can be earned, for these sites, it is also a process, not necessarily the ultimate goal. Originally, we didn’t have to focus on the AdSense. Just by discussing the process of AdSense, perhaps you can notice the importance of keywords to a website.

, through this path, you can find, we can give you an example of a small flow can earn AdSense money in the small station. Their numbers on Back-Link. Also, by checking each page, observe the keyword that it appeals to. Then, take the individual demands of the key words in the engine SERP, see them in many keywords on the performance. The actual operation, may still be trouble to friends who are interested, to do their own to check, on the other hand also try to see from >



if you want to know what news friends share on social networks, you need a social news reader. There has been a lot of such services, and Nuzzel is a new social news site that has recently emerged.

project seems to have been very much discussed in the domestic network. Not necessarily nobody cares. But, in fact, it is very difficult to make a considerable degree of optimization of certain words and phrases in Taiwan’s present environment. Therefore, the person who gets the "SEO" is not very willing to talk about the relevant benefits. Interested people, can SEO, Search, Engine, Optimization, search optimization, sorting optimization, network ranking, search engine optimization and other related words, looking for an engine. You can find quite a lot of information.

wants to find out how many pages and numbers of Back-Link a station has, and it can be checked by Yahoo’s Site Explorer.

Abrams is questioning the practice of providing content based on user interests, so Nuzzel only displays content based on social signals. In addition to what friends share, Nuzzel also displays what friends share with friends. You can also browse the Nuzzel information flow of other users.


Nuzzel is quite different from other news reading applications in the near future. For example, an application called Prismatic not only shows users the content from Twitter, but also tries to understand what users are interested in. Nuzzel, however, faithfully presents the original content from Twitter and Facebook.

Nuzzel is Jonathan Abrams. He was the founder of several start-ups, such as active service Socializr and social bookmarking service Hotlinks, and best known as Friendster.

The founder of

Nuzzel interface is simple and intuitive, which helps you navigate through a lot of news, know which friends share the news, and their comments on the news. The sort of news can be based on the number of friends who share the news, or on the basis of time.


Mobile version of

Nuzzel solves this difficulty: when you are paying attention to more and more people on Twitter or Facebook, you will receive more and more news, and this amount of news is even more than that of RSS. However, since you won’t always open Twitter and Facebook, you might miss some of the interesting stuff.

Nuzzel: social browser

and SEO are the most basic elements of quantity and quality, is nothing more than a web page on the Internet, the survival time of Back-Link, again is the content. These topics have a lot of discussion on the internet. No further talk. Well, we can look back and see some of the small websites we’ve been able to hold in small numbers with stable AdSense earnings. Some of their results at SEO.

for quick access to "friends headline"

can also be found by the shlf1314 engine: changed to the web name of the website you want to check.

, let’s just talk about the Back-Link of these stations and the performance on the SERP.



Abrams says that compared to other social news services, Nuzzel is faster, easier to use, and more social. On the Nuzzel web site, when you create an account, you can associate the account to Twitter or Facebook. If related to Twitter, then in a few seconds, you can see a page, which shows the share of your attention of the news, their comments, and related news from Reddit, Hacker News and Techmeme website.

The practice of


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