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can not imitate: you have the ability and resources, although others do not have, but it is easy to imitate, it may be in long-term competition, competitors exceeded. Internet entrepreneurs should try to avoid relying solely on the platform of the product, when you work hard to promote the product out, it may mean that there will be a powerful opponent immediately began copying.

value: the first thing to consider is whether these capabilities are helpful to our competition. The basis of the judgment is whether they can help us reduce costs or bring us more traffic and income. For example: the website sells the product manufacture craft is very advanced, but it can not reduce the cost, but also can not give the user to bring the extra value, it is not worth.

organization: when you find valuable, scarce, difficult to copy capabilities and resources, you should consider the ability to organize effectively

scarcity: you have the ability, and also have counterparts, and can not form a competitive advantage, can only be necessary for survival. Only when the peers generally do not have, will bring competitive advantage. For example, a movie station, someone else’s movies, you also have, you have equal opportunities, but if you can release the latest blockbuster first, the advantages are very obvious. In some industries, professional certification, almost every enterprise has, this can only be regarded as the industry access threshold. However, in some industries, only a few companies have professional certification, then it will have a very big impact on the user, forming a competitive advantage.

VRIO model is put forward in 1991, Jayne · Barney, four key points in the model: value value, scarce, difficult to imitate rarity inimitability and organization organization.

large portal, or personal blog, or whatever the size of the site, want to have as many visitors. In an industry or a field where the number of users is basically stable, only those who are actively competing with each other will be able to get more visitors. Therefore, the analysis of their competitive advantage, around their own advantages to carry out the planning of the site, is the first step in the Internet business.

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both individuals and enterprises have their own unique ability, but many people, and even most of the enterprises, have not been able to use their abilities properly. This article will lead you through the VRIO model to analyze their advantages scientifically.

first, sort out all the resources and capabilities we have. It’s best to have a connection with the website we’re building. For example: product price advantage, after-sales service advantages, professional skills, advantages and so on. After we have finished the list, we begin to analyze them one by one to find the most important parts to be excavated.


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