Trivia motivation, teamwork, problem solvingWeChat’s bonus period is over She rose 1 powder 4 millio

put aside the values, whether or not the powder and the gold absorption of the baby are sure to itch. Although Amy can not copy, but compared to Papi sauce, new era elephants and other rapidly rising red from the media, their popularity has used a common routine.

, can’t we figure out how to solve these problems? If we have a problem, that’s what we think. No, that’s not OK. Isn’t that just looking for an interface for ourselves?. This time, we should need is: to solve the problem, the problem to think of ways to solve the problem, stop God kill God, kill the Buddha Buddha block.


indeed, what he said is not reasonable. It is possible that there is such a situation in our area, but what I want to ask is:

but, following the question, I didn’t go on with it. It didn’t make much sense.

has 500 thousand fans of WeChat public operators told billion state power network, a new WeChat public number, if the article is not spread in a circle of friends, is sentenced to death.

maybe you think a very reliable and promising idea, but some people will find such kind of problems, he always see the problems and defects, which is the value view of problems, thinking is not consistent. If we run into such a team when we start our business, then it’s your disaster. So, you must choose the same pace with you.

microphone Mongolia ye so controversial? Because her remarks are particularly sharp and stimulation, such as "forever patriotic, patriotism is always full of tears" said bestiality, this attracted media large and some users have issued criticism. Obviously, she speaks more clearly and vulgar than Papi sauce, and even speaks frankly, what can change, only vulgar, can not change.

subject to someone’s heart

: columnist Zuo Zhijian said in the tiger sniffing, "big 1 is Amy.". Amy Mengyin high conversion rate by advertisers sought, and microphone Mongolia said 80% of its fans are women mostly with the spending power of the young woman.

, in other words, the late start has to do what people can do in their friends circles. "Articles that cause the public to forward the circle of friends generally make the client feel interesting, useful and sympathetic. The first step in getting famous is that the subject is on the subject of everyday concern. For example, "small three small" to a lot of money, the boy should not be poor, rich, two generations of father, fair, unfair, etc.." The WeChat public person told billion state power network.

I always think that entrepreneurship is a very courageous thing, the need is impulse and passion.

is going to talk about entrepreneurship today, and that’s due to a quarrel between my brother and me. statement: my brother is in the software technology industry, not marketing

and his argument is: these businesses will not control you what win-win, and what attracts businesses, that is, you will not be allowed to lay the machine. Not with you for any reason.


Abstract electricity supplier IP+ = $, this formula can be set up to how to play? The second half of 2016, the state power grid will collect all the popular IP business play, provide a reference for people concerned about this entrepreneurial path.

so, create!


of course, the above mentioned always see the problems and defects of people do not necessarily have the disadvantages, things are not absolute, the occasion, but sometimes it is called overcautious, sometimes called stable, also called it.

, such as the question:

I said WeChat powder problem, said WeChat printer is a good method of absorbing powder, can consider to cooperate with some businesses PS: To investigate the local, our hometown is relatively remote, the Internet, WeChat public, these operations are rare, we attract the crowd with a WeChat printer, improve traffic of them, we can use this powder to reach, is a win-win situation. And this method has been verified by a large number of people.

I put some of my ideas, he think I am too good, some things will not be so good, and give me some examples: but these are all examples of some of the details of the problem of small.


is going to talk about a fantastic, very profitable and controversial WeChat public number – amy.

: excerpt from the excerpt from the article, you can see that most of the content is in <

microphone Mongolia how amazing? Not in WeChat dividend period, September 2015 opened a public number, just a few months, Amy Mongolia broke millions of fans, since the beginning of the year, published more than 100 articles, article reading 100 thousand +, many even more than 1 million. Today, there are 4 million fans, and a few of the WeChat public numbers that rival her.

how do you make money? According to industry sources, 50 of the ads, 4 ads a week, a month is 8 million of the income. It is said that the room for price increases is great. Only WeChat public will receive more than 90 million revenue in 2016. And the team of Meng Er is allegedly still single digit, how big profit margin can be imagined.


however, entrepreneurship is an adventure in itself, is a kind of risk investment, is a lonely journey, if you still find one thing always overcautious, shortcomings, then how do you have the courage to start, how to have the momentum going? Business, need to have impact strength, passion

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