Highlight the core keywords optimization techniques

for search engines, which is the most important part of the web page. The search results page is displayed on the title, but also appear in the browser window. You can think of a web page like Mark Yi is the title of an article, it can strongly pointed out what is the whole article to say. So the important keywords in the main keywords on the front of the title, so the search lead climbing to its highest weight, is conducive to ranking.


Shanghai Longfeng projection means, not tight prominent throughout the station’s theme, but also to bring users a better user experience! Shanghai dragon protrusion is not important to the search engines do, we need to do to the user see! Let the user enter your site, can largely determine the theme structure of the website at a glance

2, "


4, hypertext



5, paragraph headings and emphasizes the text

!Keywords title

projection is reflected in the following aspects: the title (Title), page description, paragraph headings and text, the text emphasizes. Prominent means in a link or a piece of text, Guan Jian word keywords began to appear than behind the more important. According to the algorithm, the weights of keywords appear more in the future will be lower, at the end of May is zero. So, how to do keywords protrusion of

title tag indicates for visitors to the site which is the important content in the website. The title is –


link to a website with content related web pages, which is highlighting the key performance.

. If in the title tag can appear keywords, there will be of great benefit to improve website ranking.

search engine will try to determine the most important pages, labels, and link the words in your HTML code with the help search engine tag weights, you need to know that the primary measure is the issue of outstanding degree (for example, in the analysis of all text block in front of more words is considered is more important or more related words).

page usually contains a summary of some search engines will be in the search results page title display abstract. But most search engines do not show "description, do not give it more power than the text of indigo. Although the weight lower than the original, but is better than nothing, should pay attention to.

The Text in ?

most search engines will pay more attention to find Guan Jian words in use bold text paragraphs in the title, and the dip or colored text, will appear more important keywords is assumed. Bold headings headings and magazine articles is very similar to disconnect the continuous text and points out that the following paragraph to say what.


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