Enterprises should be how to build high quality original content

The author first

this is very simple, I think a lot of friends all know, such as the station is a road sweeper, then in the Google search "sweeper" and then click on the left side of the translation of "foreign" came out, there is a lot of sweeper foreign related websites, in the inside of the paper copy it is an authentic change of the original article. In addition can also put the traditional content related online tools used to change into simplified content.

to take you to see why to create high quality original content and original content. First, the original high quality content can better improve the user experience for users in time on page and the whole site longer, because it is the original useful things, other information users will be more in-depth look inside it will help improve the website PV and the weight rise throughout the site and in the search engine keywords to get good rankings. Secondly, the search engine is more and more love original content, the content of the website to do the second level, early original content is essential. The webmaster how to build a high quality original content? The author according to personal experience sharing:

four, social networking site

with the development of network technology the search engine more and more attention to the original content, original content of enterprise station has been a headache for the majority of Shanghai dragon R, so many companies began to take the station station collection and other methods, but this information is not affected by the search engines like, for a long time will be forgotten, because of the recent many domestic acquisition station will be greatly reduced or even K is right. The webmaster friends how talent shows itself in the face of adversity?

English translation method

there are many social networking sites have set up a shield crawling search engine code, so lots of personal journal articles are original. Then we can go in search of the change. This type >

what is the pseudo original? Not everyone thought the pseudo original tool, because this kind of article is not readable, referring to some users don’t even know what to write. And the search engine is currently on the pseudo original articles have been made out of work can clearly identify the. The author is the pseudo original method of processing light has found articles, by merging making an original content change and add the end of summary information, has appeared on the internet. Here I share a data of an article is the best 60% pseudo original +30% light processing +10% original.

, a pseudo original method

three, voice information and chat


Webmaster Station to do business with the number of related industries of QQ group, can often pay attention to chat can also be organized into the Shanghai in love know inside the search industry problems finishing articles; video voice information is read on the Internet or other written record.

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