Analysis of the current domestic industry status quo of Shanghai Longfeng future development prospec

so, home in the small webmaster personal website, we can always see on the orders of the announcement of the website optimization. This is because the Shanghai Phoenix webmaster more and more, finally formed now domestic city of Shanghai Longfeng hot degree. Everyone in the city to Shanghai.

we know, Shanghai dragon is a new industry in our country developed in recent years, now is stepping into a stage of rapid development. The uneven network company, to only one of the Shanghai dragon Er, all want to share in this respect. The future of Shanghai dragon will be what is

says these network company is based on the website construction and website optimization for the whole company, here once again now simply do Shanghai Dragon Technology company. I recently met a few of them, but in these companies I see a common characteristic, that is the core of "Shanghai dragon Er" is only two or three, the other is a kind of. That is to say, in these companies, the real master of Shanghai Dragon Technology Limited, and some even only one. In this case the competitiveness of the team will be very weak, things may not be able to get. The above said those words, because it can really do technology, but most of it is not a good manager. Why do you say, because the company always regards Shanghai Longfeng technicians who do very cattle as optimization of team leadership. But these leaders do not know is that there are a lot of technical people are only interested in Shanghai dragon, is not care for Shanghai Longfeng things. So the network that the competitiveness of the company, also at a disadvantage, lack of competitiveness.

finally, I want to say is that the domestic Shanghai dragon backbone industries — personal Shanghai dragon group


said we all to the city network company, although the company is doing a Shanghai dragon, but is often the site construction as the foundation, and to provide customers with business extended to Shanghai dragon optimization services. That is to say, these Internet companies just take Shanghai dragon as a service, rather than the main. In these companies, engaged in the Shanghai dragon is often just a department, there are several Er full-time in Shanghai Longfeng do these, but truly able to focus on this aspect is very few. Website optimization although profitable, but there is some stable website construction made. Because Shanghai dragon day is filled with a lot of uncertain factors, are the latest algorithm of search engine every day. The construction site would appear slightly simple, at least compared with the Shanghai dragon is like.

in the domestic Shanghai dragon circles, there are such a group of people, with their enthusiasm for the industry. Yes, these are some personal Shanghai dragon enthusiasts, these people tend to have their own website, and then slowly into the industry. These people are purely technical, unlike the network company that has too many restrictions.

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