Every interpretation of website ranking what and what factors.

3. and you Links station is K

owners seem to love after love Shanghai snapshot update speed, in the circle of many view love Shanghai snapshot update degree is to determine the site for the search spider lure how these ideas, not to deny love Fanfan, Shanghai home snapshots can be reached if the update is best, but now there are few such sites, mostly is the next snapshot. In fact, some home page snapshot is not updated frequently, even is updated once a week, which included the inside is still very fast, even is the second, before the interpretation of many websites that love Shanghai snapshot of 1028 reasons for some Sina, NetEase and other website snapshot of the situation are also analyzed. Love is not the latest snapshot of Shanghai home is not much reference value, and the relationship between the website ranking more points is not very reliable. When we search a lot of words have discovered that love is not the latest snapshot of Shanghai website ranked near the top, some love Shanghai snapshot is a month ago, but it still ranked as steady as Mount Tai. You can also search for words compared to many industries.

1. and the front page of the site snapshot love Shanghai independent

everyone in controlling the number of their websites are derived, number of links your website derived too much, may affect the site ranking, can improve website ranking. It is not necessary, a number of scattered outside the chain of the site is your site itself derived weight values, this is not what the impact on your own website itself. If the number of search engine website links derived factors as the lifting website ranking, the website will not all outbound links, then all of the sites are independent, there is no so-called Internet.

2. and site outbound links never mind

Shanghai Longfeng people want to know what the website ranking and what factors, because the master that has mastered the traffic, and these are the renminbi, therefore, there are many articles in the share and improve website ranking related content. Today Henan Shanghai Longfeng Fanfan do not share them, only about the website ranking and what factors unrelated to some Adsense or from the side to Shanghai dragon friend some reference learning.

Never mind The number of

this should be the most controversial, people believe that if you and a loved Shanghai punishment, K site do the Links or purchase of such links, may hurt their site ranking. In fact, Henan Shanghai dragon Fanfan believes that this view is completely distorted, resulting in erroneous, the formation of the industry default. In the initial search engine and possible industry predecessors to let everybody do regular station, not opportunistic, made a speech like this, let everyone from non normal operation of the site link, to isolate them, let not the living space, the purpose is to let the industry standardization. But it can be said that if not related to sensitive information, the search engine will never go on because of this

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