An analysis of the most important achievements every webmaster step

1: analysis of the speed of the site

a webmaster’s success is not absolutely accidental, may be accidental, but large part is to rely on their own out of step by step, the most important thing is to have the patience to do these things, Shanghai dragon is like this, to analyze some things every day, and today He Jian Hui Lin every day we have to tell you what your website in the data analysis, I hope novice webmaster seriously look at [

data analysis

3: the entrance of

website webmaster statistics, so every day to check the webmaster statistics, to see which pages respondents most, see which page out rate is highest, the page residence time and so on, so as to improve your site, think about all know, will retain old customers and attract new users.

4: the love of spiders in Shanghai

is not from your own computer on your site is open speed, other parts of your website open speed is not the same, can not open your site, this advice you get an VPN, for some city click on your website to see if there is no open slow, or not open.

by Baba Shanghai Longfeng original 贵族宝贝baba Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝/bbnews/20130515/173.html

this is something we must know, but many people are too lazy to do, in fact, it’s really very simple, you have to go in the IIS server, the server log, on the day of the check, check the IIS professional tools, you can look at the.

] We have

this is also very important, because you know, some users are entering your website from what channels, although the search engine accounted for most part, but some of you external links certainly can attract users to your site, so you have to rely on you to analyze these external links in the user that are coming from which platform, what attracted to, these are you going to know.

introduction: website optimization to a certain time, we must look at the site can not be normal operation, whether the site click rate up. After data analysis, we can make timely change, so in order to better optimize the website. Only let us receive basic optimization success.

novice webmaster site analysis is that, for example, check the chain did not decrease, not updated snapshot, ranking no change, this is indeed very important, but there are some relatively inconspicuous things, following by Baba Shanghai dragon Lin Jian Hui to tell you about some subtle details.



2: the analysis of users love those pages

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