Not extremely excited to work with the Shanghai Dragon needle

this is what logic is this concept just like two parallel lines never intersect, become the occupation theorem? If this thinking mode successfully, but Hong believes that to raise the theorem that figure can definitely topped every annual economic figures leader. The number of state and government will solve the problem ah?! the staff employment department suggested that the country’s all to Shanghai dragon training, contributed to the new climax of entrepreneurial nation. Moreover, our employees know, Shanghai Longfeng entrepreneurship the biggest cost is the time, because the search engine page ranking needs periodic ranking update, if Shanghai Longfeng way to correct, or a few months time, also put half a bottle of vinegar of Shanghai dragon Er hanging in there swinging.

In view of present

during the Huai Hai Campaign, when making Weijian Xuzhou Du Yuming group, chief of staff of the Feng Criticism: "eight columns, eight columns, don’t rely on these eight columns will be baodatianxia?" thought hand heavily, feel the infinite expansion. At the critical moment, the great mind calm and the remarkable.

don’t know what is the reason, but Hong saw a lot of articles in Wangzhuan industry are beginning to have an argument like this: "learn the Shanghai dragon people who are thinking about their own business". Through the paper back. Shu Hong can imagine those who despise the world jubilant, dizzy with success, of course, be polite and frivolous, can also be said to be heroic!

even if the pressure of survival, put aside the business plan of Shanghai dragon Er, go out and find jobs, is still in the heart in the Han, is all Er Shanghai Longfeng Shu Wei Yan, long Fangu behind all his own thinking?. Shanghai Dragon technology has not become the biggest business incubator

in order to survive, but Hong view is: the use of Shanghai dragon should be the person only, not limited to a fixed frame. If just paranoid I give priority to, it is very likely to be doing things and not toil with no gain, in reality, all industries need the strong.

with the Shanghai dragon Er more worried that this trend will gradually spread, and the boss allowed some companies to form a psychological barrier of Shanghai dragon Er, like the previous Shenzhen Henan formation of general discrimination. Oh, Shu Hong to speak too much. Not so serious. This is the Shanghai dragon Er feel good. This kind of feeling like what. You can find maps a specific point in the history of the image? This let Shu Hong will tell you. Is the most work of a ratio: before 1945, popular in Japan, the Young Turks military forces, they used the name of patriotism. In addition, the relationship between Shanghai and the Shanghai dragon dragon Er venture, suggest the best to look at the 2.25 in the A5 Adsense nets "Doug dialogue at the Chen Huimin: analysis of current situation and Prospect of Shanghai dragon". Perhaps, after reading will be less bajian arena, sloppily fearless ignorance.


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