The inside pages of 3K, 3L, 3T optimization theory

page in the main keywords are often only one, the words in the text in the middle at the beginning, the end must be at least 3 times, and there should be black. Of course, increasing the density of keywords in the page is a good way to love Shanghai for keywords within the page’s accumulation requires no strict home.

many new owners have not paid much attention in the pages of the description, in fact, this is completely wrong, because of love for Shanghai description still attaches great importance to the web page. In the description also should follow the 3 time keywords principle, and keywords appear position should be in the first sentence. Such as "Shanghai bookkeeping network is set up by professional Shanghai bookkeeping company Shanghai agency bookkeeping service website"

optimization of any web page can not forget "the source of the original optimization without content is like" apple of Sodom ", will eventually be cast aside by the reader. Shanghai Softbank financial www.ruanyinchina贵族宝贝 hopes that this paper can share with our friends and explore the experience of the construction within the page.

home page title and a little different, the main keyword often need to add about 3, but the inside pages often need only one. But this keyword can be three times in title. Such as Shanghai Shanghai _ bookkeeping bookkeeping service _ bookkeeping charges in Shanghai, apparently the key inside page is the "Shanghai agency bookkeeping". But be careful, don’t put the inside pages of keywords to write for a long time.


second: the same keywords appear 3 times

in description. 3 enhanced the link weight inside pagesThe title

1: the same keywords appear 3 times in

third: the same keywords appear

Of course, at least 3 times in the textThe

novice site often focus on the home page to optimize and easy to overlook the website page. Optimize website page can not only make more keywords good ranking, but also conducive to the increase of weight of home page. The fact that Softbank financial consulting optimization do within the page as long as the master of 3K, 3T, 3L principle is very simple. The so-called 3Key is the 3 key points, title, description, 3Time is 3 times of the text; that is, in each of the key points to 3 key words; 3Link is the 3 link.

page is very important, should be to the home page links in the direct path, and not to the inside pages of the home page is too complex; between the inside pages should be linked to each other; the inside pages should also have the chain related access.

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