Dialysis site bounce rate, the quality of the page is very important

normally, in taking over a site optimization work, we through the website data on the site early diagnosis. Regardless of is the statistical data of Shanghai station love data platform or website itself, it shows us the only users of existing problems, how to solve the use or rely on our maintenance work.

website ranking up to more than 200, want to master for the new Shanghai dragon Er absolute is very difficult, but this does not mean it is impossible to do website ranking. Here the novice Dan told a little secret, as long as can improve the quality of the page, reduce the site bounce rate, do website ranking point the day and await for it.

then we must fill in the content on the website. But here we use data on existing site control, only show the content of the experience to meet the user needs to retain users, also can reduce the site bounce rate. The website bounce rate is always an important factor in ranking sites, users through optimization outside the station into the station, if there is no next step directly out of "this bounce rate is one hundred percent, long-term it will lead to the quality of site search engine to suspect, will last until the web shield. This is not just for the new station, some of the old domain name, because if the results before and it will also enter the pleased with oneself out rate mode, and even make the site URL lost in search engine. So how to reduce the rate of jump out, improve the quality of the page

1, according to the user needs to display the content of the topic, must conform to, can’t cry up wine and sell vinegar, only the title of the party. The user enters the page that does not match the content and the title will also quickly leave the site.

First of all we do is to do

generally the optimization of our work is mainly in both inside and outside the station. Just outside the station, it is the path to allow the user to enter the site, is to allow users to find websites become website based on the audience. But if the user has website, but did not retain users, then the efforts outside the station is equivalent to naught, no longer has any meaning. In fact, Dan seems, since the search engine optimization algorithm to change outside the station has been greatly as compared to before, do well in the station is a key part of the work site optimization is the most critical part of the moment.

Factors affecting

2, part of the link is within the chain layout, we said. A lot of Shanghai dragon Er is actually in the layout of the chain is not clear, only that the link in the key words, is the same as the result of that with no internal chain. We do within the chain according to the content analysis, will be able to link the contents of the logical link, relates to the professional vocabulary to link. But should pay attention to the number of the chain, generally every five hundred words can appear in a chain.


website code optimization, which is based on the search engine to crawl your site, is also part of the optimization of the most basic work.

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