Snapshot update fast and slow four important factors

three, the original content of

this is the most terrible problem. Because you have done all the work firmly, so it was a link to get awful, you say or life. This process is very simple, it is very troublesome, often check the snapshot, Links included, anti chain problem, if normal, then your website is healthy. If not, then the injured is your website, is the so-called, is also a chain, a chain.

reasons "several major aspects of this

usually in the webmaster circle mix for two months or more are content to repeat what is. Copy + paste = add, a matter of a few seconds, really easy. But this makes the Internet more garbage. Don’t say personal webmaster, even the station, the station is also the same as the portal. By the weight of itself. Copy and paste is a homely food. So, if the individual owners will do such a thing. Then you have to think about your weight is not your content to others, what is worthy of your website, through the network has a lot of repetitive content, a little less of a lot, why should you.

Hello, I am a little joke with you today about the issue of update snapshot, in the webmaster forum, you can see the snapshot of why I do not update everywhere? "" why snapshot or half a month ago "snapshot of issues like XXX everywhere. Today we have the problem to analyze the reasons of the relevant matters. If you feel good pat, bad turned to leave, but leave a fist. You’ll see。 There are

two, website chain

four, Links

a website is supported by a powerful anti chain, you want to have difficulty, not updated snapshot. Do not say anything else, ranking. Ranking as the site outside the chain is a great relationship, if your site chain is 50 thousand. But the chain of your competitors is 150 thousand, so you think you know what the ranking is better, which is relatively large flow, if you say this is the woman, you can personally test, do the same with the contents of the two station, a regular chain an occasional. See which rank well, which is a new snapshot.

, a duplicate content

problem but a commonplace talk of an old scholar, many owners also try holding the psychological thought with the network crazy pass the pseudo original tools to reach high ranking, unless you do keywords very cold production, so your rate will rise to 99%, the remaining 1% is your character and the gas transport problem. Original content is not to say that their writing is good, the key is to master the user’s point of view to think, what to write, what is popular, what content value. This is the original content.

actually solve many methods, the key is your attitude is good enough. Heart like a flat mirror. What to say. This paper consists of (贵族宝贝xiaobud贵族宝贝).

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