Site optimization should be the quality to win

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high quality articles without a doubt is the engine of love, the quality is high, Pastebin faster, compared to the same weight of the website, the better the quality of the site, the more of the collected, the same snapshot update also more quickly. But for a stable update website, suddenly reduce the amount collected and can not explain what, perhaps the database engine is a problem, or some of the other problems, but often the webmaster chenbuzhuqi, thought that my site is down right, his article number is not enough, not enough quality good. So suddenly increased dozens, hundreds of articles, what is more direct acquisition articles to expand the content of the website. After the engine spiders in the habit of your site, so you suddenly come in, is likely to make the engine spiders in subconscious think your site is not enough credibility is not stable enough, let the spider can’t adapt to the change of the site, which will lead to a series of questions, such as snapshot not update, included reducing and so on. Update the content has been stable and efficient site optimization of truth.

we all know the number of the website chain determines the site keywords ranking in some ways, the more the number of the website chain, many website ranking is better. The chain does not represent the high quality, the number of the chain website or in a period of time will not be reduced, but with the continuous improvement of search engine, site outside the chain of the time, with the passage of time the low quality of the chain or junk chain search engines will be removed, garbage the more the chain, eliminating the more, on the other hand you’re still on the site to do the chain, the engine will be included you outside of the chain in the first time. Do you think the chain will increase while reducing the site keywords ranking will be ups and downs.

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and most of the webmaster like love, go to the forum, see text, write text. When visiting the forum will often see some problems about love Shanghai. For example, the website ranking and website snapshot stagnation update. The webmaster know that a big part of the reason is because the site outside the chain of quality is not good enough to. Take the ups and downs to say why the website ranking, website ranking will fluctuate?

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many webmaster, especially beginners webmaster, often see some predecessor suggestions or website optimization is like the article, often described in the paper is the content and the chain of the two aspects. In many webmaster forums will see similar discussion topics, such as my website why so little that included my website or why not update the snapshot? And so on, predecessors also recommended that the answer of an identical nature, novice webmasters continue to update, continue to do the chain. Often the novice webmaster to predecessor, a sudden increase in many articles, or a sudden increase in hundreds or even thousands of the chain, actually this is harm themselves.

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