Shanghai dragon about website operation success need to pay attention to the selection of virtual ho

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on Shanghai Longfeng web site operators must have a lot of people are very understanding, but the virtual host of Shanghai Longfeng people may not know optimization. If Shanghai Longfeng relating to the site operation success or failure, the quality of the virtual host is directly related to the effect of optimization of Shanghai dragon. Select the virtual host, not only look at the price, to see whether they contribute to the optimization of the website of Shanghai dragon. Here, the author summarizes three kinds of website optimization to Shanghai dragon host for your reference.

anti aggressive host

independent IP virtual host

access speed of the host

with the increase of Internet intrusion events and hacker attacks and to raise the level of network security is also facing a severe test. In order to make the website security risk to a minimum, it should choose those anti aggressive when choosing a host virtual host. While in the anti aggression, HostEase host has done very well, the host configuration of each host is equipped with a powerful IDS/IPS network protection. While the anti aggressive host why in favor of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the author explain. The host anti attack ability, the site suffered.

has the independent IP virtual host is more conducive to the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, an independent IP corresponds to only one site, the site is more professional, and the website search engine on the professional are very friendly, the weight is also high. In addition, website security has independent IP virtual host more from other search engine punishment sites implicated. Therefore, when choosing the virtual host, the host should also look at whether to provide independent IP, if the host not only provide independent IP but also provide free that is better, only considering cost can save a lot of money. The United States launched the IXWebHosting host Chinese website 贵族宝贝cn.ixwebhosting贵族宝贝 web hosting packages have multiple IP free gift, and therefore the most worthy of recommendation.

site access speed directly affects the user experience and. Access speed, the user’s browsing experience will be improved, and if the user can not open the website or website open speed is slow, the user will lose the browsing interest, transfer to other sites is a very natural thing. The impact of user experience is not only the users of the site also affects the impression, the web site of the Shanghai dragon optimization. Now I love Shanghai more and more attention to the algorithm changes, click on the website of the behavior of the user, if the user cannot get good browsing experience, it will return to the website? Therefore, select the access speed of the host is very necessary. HostEase host is known as the fastest access to domestic reputation, but also through the discount code HostEase order can enjoy a 20% discount. Therefore, the HostEase host is a good choice.

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