Shanghai love chain after the judgment of Shanghai Longfeng toward large planning times

site optimization is to do what? I believe there is a group of industry veteran Shanghai dragon Er will be smiling without a word, there will be a leap in Shanghai Longfeng intermediate stage people began to talk, and a group of Shanghai dragon rookie doesn’t know what is in the station optimization. I interviewed Shanghai Longfeng positions are nearly 50, contact with a lot of different Shanghai dragon head. Some people ask the question is: will you do the chain? You have the chain resources? There are also some people ask the question: do you know how to do URL optimization? How do the chain layout? Is that simple contrast can be seen in charge of the ability of different high low.

Lee introduced the "love Shanghai chain" judgment documents standard, causing the industry a discussion. The nature is some people worry about joy, the high weight of the old station is still not much affected, a large number of small and medium-sized station of Shanghai Longfeng ER may have abuse. Because the "chain" to judge the file almost blocked all the construction of the chain of the mainstream channels and ways to link spam signature anchor text display, cheating, false really recommend deliberate promotion, exchange Links, station group tilisoft etc.. This time a lot of Shanghai dragon Er will ask, what kind of chain is the chain of effective

Zac in April 16th and Lee, "Bowen love Shanghai baby Zhu Jianfei noble records" mentioned in the conversation Zhu Jianfei and Lee say, "so what kind of link is always safe? Jian Fei as expected answer, nature is the most secure link. Lee said it was agreed, they have no difference. Naturally, this is a seemingly simple, in fact, the great difficulty of things." How to judge the chain effectively, even the Google Zhu Jianfei and love Shanghai Lee do not have a positive answer to the problem of Shanghai dragon Er are more elusive. Now only according to the principle of search engine that this conclusion, the chain as long as there is likely to be the search engine to capture and establish the index, there may be a spider crawling directly in, but if the chain records more, more likely to cause the search engine attention, like Shanghai search engine based on the "chain" will determine the file to punish site. Therefore, the construction of the chain now should pay attention to high quality, at the same time should be limited, focusing on industry association.


is closely related to the work here, and the chain of the usual Shanghai Longfeng Er advice, especially the website optimization company Shanghai dragon Er, because they are responsible for the optimization of the basic enterprise station. Enterprise content module is relatively simple, the bosses of website optimization is ranked first, because many enterprises responsible for the station of Shanghai dragon Er are mainly rely on the hair of the chain website ranking will be promoted. Of course, I have seen through the enterprise website optimization ranking on Shanghai dragon Er, is relatively few.

Shanghai dragon is a fine practical ability of occupation, accumulate continuously observed, in practice the process of statistics, in order to achieve the advanced ability. In this process must be considered.

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