Shanghai dragon Er how to do site navigation optimization

The long tail word

6. sub navigation settings, set the sub navigation for site optimization, especially for some large sites, sub navigation settings reduce the number of site level, is conducive to the website.

4. search volume keywords location decision, anchor text navigation set keywords are valuable to, from left to right, the importance of decreasing trend set, in addition to avoid some with no effect of columns, such as company introduction, company news, etc..

to achieve the overall site optimization, web site navigation is also included. The Shanghai dragon Er site navigation optimization

8. to avoid the navigation stack keywords, many owners in order to improve the website keyword density causes a lot of keyword stuffing in the bottom of the site navigation, but the tragedy is a lot to do a lot of the chain back, eventually causing the site to drop right.

navigation provided considerable exercise seen in road signs to facilitate visitors, find things. Have the following meanings and set the site navigation purposes:

5. do not change the site navigation site navigation, many enterprises have set up problems, many sections are not practical, stands an important position and did not play its due role, but do not change the site navigation, in this case try to use the side or the bottom navigation navigation remedy.

7. breadcrumb navigation settings, strictly speaking crumbs also belong to the category of web navigation, breadcrumb navigation is not only conducive to enhance the user experience, but also contribute to the ranking.

9. site map settings, like crumbs, website >

1. text link set of navigation, the text is very friendly to search engines, and open the speed is also fast, regardless of the user or search engine is advantageous, as for some of the other flash and JS try to avoid the use of.

3. web site navigation to achieve "record" to inform the user which is visited pages, such as some web site has been visited, the link becomes purple and so on;

2. to inform the user’s current location site location;

2. navigation to JS calls, a lot of Taobao off site navigation is called product page, in this case, in order to avoid the transfer of website weight or love Shanghai banned dangerous, I recommend using JS call.

3. navigation keyword targeted keywords selection. To ensure that certain amount of search, navigation and target keywords keywords to avoid conflict of the home page, and don’t navigation containing keywords between relations.


told the 1. main contents and functions of the user site;

how to do?

4. to improve the search engine "viscosity", so as to better facilitate the search engines crawl included in our website.

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