Rapid promotion website of Shanghai Longfeng health three sites within the chain of health

search engine and the user is to experience your website neural network users, search engines more quickly, if your neural networks is more reasonable, he will be able to better and faster on your back and forth these nerves constantly crawling the web pages, web content, and then rapidly according to the content of high quality for you evaluation, the weight will also continue to accumulate promotion. The user is not the same, he pays more attention to the user experience, the neural network can quickly help you if he found what he wanted or product information, so he will think you this site is very useful, if you can last for him to provide useful information related to, then he will linger in your website, wait this user is much, you will find the perfect information of their neural network constructed before how awesome.

internal links, simple to understand is that we all links within the site, there is a note that these links are from one page guide station to another page, or back to the page, today I will give you two aspects to introduce the network station in Shanghai Longfeng health chain some of the ideas of.

on the chain of health many webmaster do not actually, partly because many people do not pay enough attention, partly because some owners do not do within the chain, but truly understand you will find it.

2, the website chain health from the three party Internet

!Neural network

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. For before the website of Shanghai Longfeng health I give you mentioned, in addition to the front I introduce "rapid promotion website of Shanghai Longfeng health a website" health "rapid promotion website of Shanghai Longfeng health website two: Hardware Health" in the content and hardware health, there are links to the health, the chain is very important, but the chain has often been overlooked, today I to introduce the internal link is Shanghai dragon in the process of optimizing health precautions.

1, the site within the chain is the neural network website

website chain as a content which is absolutely can be recognized, the main website homepage is like a tree, the other column page, content page is the trunk of this tree in general, so you can make a very good website growth down, but in order to our website more powerful, have some connections to each between the branches and trunk, trunk trunk branches before the complementary nutrition, so as to make a tree like more and more strong.

! The

for the website chain health, we are in fact very good judgment, one is to the overall structure is very reasonable and clear, general enterprise station needs 3 layer structure, and some large shopping mall, a portal site may need 4, of course, according to their own needs to be adjusted, it should be noted the column must be clear, avoid cross, let search engine is not good grasp.

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