Taught you how to do site optimization scheme the preparatory work before the case

3, customer attitude to network marketing: attitude decides a lot, if the customer and investment, and to set up the team, but also the cognitive of network marketing, but the effect is very anxious, then we will have different treatment, to optimize the scheme quality from the website, network marketing program implementation efforts to only in this way, we can ensure the project smoothly, also only in this way can we reach our commitment to customers. The promise is a Shanghai dragon is also a business, more is the basis for the existence of a team.

when you received an order of Shanghai Longfeng resources are still worried about how to do web site optimization scheme, how to make a customer inviting optimization scheme for you here? I gradually introduce how to make a good website optimization scheme, today introduced the preparatory website optimization scheme.

2, whether the customer to set up network marketing team: the strength of the team than our personal strength can be known, if the customer set up network team, so we in the site planning scheme must take into account this part of the network marketing for customers, but also increase the network marketing plan, so that not only we solve human material, customer side also can actually see the effect of network marketing. Of course, if the customer does not form a network marketing team, so we can only rely on their own team to do network marketing for customers, this may also be a lot of Internet companies hope, so that customers in their own hands; but in the long term, from the interest, first you will not get much benefit. Second the customer resources may not be long.

two, comprehensively collect and understand the site involved in product information


1: when it comes to data collection and data collection, data from several directions, the first is to provide customers; the second is that we integrate the data from the network; the third is that we should go to Amoy; fourth is the data from the extended data.

every general on the battlefield details opponents, Shanghai dragon should also be the case, so we must understand the customer’s psychological basic.

2: data integration, data integration is a very important link, we want to take customer orders, want to do website optimization scheme.

, a comprehensive understanding of customer psychology

1, whether the customer has determined the investment of network marketing: it is very important to see the customer’s investment will determine our website psychological optimization direction, is planning a large network portal site planning scheme, or planning a simple product station planning scheme, depends entirely on the investment of customers network marketing psychology, this also determines that we will be able to see how much interest in the customer here, also can see the customers pay attention to the network marketing degree. So we must first understand the direction of investment and comprehensive customer network marketing concept. Customers and general customers from psychology can be seen as a standard.

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