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keyword through the video website keyword

Taobao keyword how many friends have used? In fact, Taobao, there are a lot of necessary Amoy friends who do web site keyword sets, as shown above, if you want to do a summer dress website, so above all types of skirts are the focus and you need to consider. Not only that, should also be in the keyword nested into below the material, style, and so on all kinds of accessories, so that a title keyword as much as possible to meet the maximum search conditions.

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by keyword tools but also find the list, but it has a shortcoming is only for the keyword search volume is effective, but the effect is not much for some often used but not many index keywords, so this time must be combined with the taobao贵族宝贝 data to distinguish the next step for example, such as brand, style, such as size, such as model, and so on are mentioned in the additional keyword.



index by love

on Taobao, many places can be used in the search box, there will be two that a lot of these tips can be the direct reaction of secondary page of the website keyword list, this list also can greatly satisfy the consumer demand for search, add more traffic to the site.

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keyword tool

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I often use the long tail keyword mining techniques, to find their own keyword list in the video site to tell the truth, the keyword application now is very extensive, but in the video site, but rarely used, after all, the application is not high, but for the use of keywords is the prompt function, planning for the site after us, has a strong guiding significance. If you are kind of video website, to Youku often, or Sohu Video to find the most commonly used search keywords, in many aspects, in order to ultimately set the keyword list.

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second: through taobao贵族宝贝 to locate the

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keyword selection is a website, a website without the only way which must be passed, a good keyword list, then for the whole grasp of the market will be lacking, for mining and analysis of keywords, the author have a few a few, to share with everyone, also hope to get the largest application on their website.

fourth: Shanghai

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