Google ranking algorithm to adjust the advertising too much will affect the ranking

two, the middle of the page to minimize the use of pictures, and write the ALT label.

February 7th

news, Google algorithm of the new adjustment, the main performance is: the first screen advertising content is too much, too little correlation between page ranking will drop, reduce weight. Google Chinese webmaster blog post said "some users complained, click on the search results after it is difficult to find the actual web content, they feel very unhappy. Users want to click on can directly see the content, rather than constantly scroll down, take out one by one in advertising, this shows that the search engine to the user experience has been trying to control the use of algorithms, the first consideration is the website advertising.

is the world’s most advanced search engine, the algorithm is often at the forefront of the. It is undeniable that no matter which search engines all want users to be able to use its search engine to find the most convenient to the quality of resources, so all the search engines to emphasize the user experience on the importance of the search engine rankings, network marketing personnel not to remind the Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon, but each search the engine will not be able to truly test the user experience of the website. The Google algorithm adjustment is undoubtedly a big step, I believe that before long, love Shanghai, YAHOO, search and other search engines will take similar algorithms to improve the user experience. So how to deal with the adjustment of the algorithm

we know that some websites to confuse customers, let people click on the ads to achieve the purpose of advertising revenue increase. Here is the most serious download station, you often find a few hours are not to download what you want to download is something like "Firefox" and "express", "video player" promotion software download. This is clearly with the user’s idea is to draw further apart, each search users are hoping to use the shortest time to download to the satisfaction of their own things, which seriously damage the user experience to deceive users. This algorithm may change this situation is expected to adjust.


, try to reduce the length of the site.

unless your site is a large portal website, otherwise you don’t need to get in with the bindings as long as the website content is not centralized, decentralized keyword density, but also allow customers to query information more difficult. In fact, in general, a website only 2-3 screen is enough, try to make good use of the web page of each space.


search engine spiders crawl the site sent out or those retarded, this will not change, they are not thinking, they judge you on the first screen advertising, the picture is certainly an important factor, so for those composed of flash, a lot of pictures. The website will be affected. If your site has to use more of the picture, it is recommended that you must each picture of the ALT label written, but not to the ALT label stack keywords, and >

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