How do I put a dead station a month do love Shanghai home

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you the webmaster, hello. I believe we are very concerned about a problem is how to put a dead stop by less than a month’s time to optimize the home page. I do Shanghai, although the time is not long, but not a short time, perhaps not as experienced as you, but now I share is combat, we hope that the twins can guide, then we get to the point. I remember when I apply for a business last year, their website is a static website. At that time the site there are many many problems: first, the website keyword positioning (title, description, keywords there is a big problem, and the keywords stack). Second, there is a dead link site in N. Third, the site code and did not use the super chaotic code there (with rape user code). Fourth, do not the chain a little before construction, now do the update of the original and the chain. There are a lot of problems I will not enumerate, because not immediately change, because the revision takes a long time. So many questions what should we do? That is how I do

website code and did not use the super chaotic code there, this is no way. If you want to make a station, it must be a page to check.

?The first step of


the fourth step is to update the article, increase the chain weight high. The specific approach is: to write an article on the day of the industry, the most important is through the search keywords relevant content to write articles, because the relevant search users are looking for the most, do so in Shanghai love rankings will be a plus for your site. Then the chain, the chain has Links and blogs and forums, the construction of the chain is a very execution work, every day must do. Because your competitors have to do every day, you want more than competitors, there is no way to do.

put some unnecessary code to remove. In order to better code weight loss is a spider climb, as to the spider from the original stone road now built a highway to the spider.

, I have to take their word for the industry keywords, but their business for a region, so I to area + industry as key words. After describing the written words to master, which contains the key words I have to do. (Note: the best description contains the phone, because some of the guests will love call)

(Note: the ALT attribute is added keywords, to do so is conducive to ranking)

second, due before the site there are many dead links, I can remove all remove dead links, can not get rid of the robots do not let spiders crawl. Put some books can add the ALT attribute with the ALT attribute, as shown below:

Third step

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